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Dec. 4, 2014
Artsadmin is an NPO committed to a vision of being an arts lab for the 21st Century for the creation of performance, site-specific and interdisciplinary work, where the innovative, experimental and unusual are nurtured.
Artsadmin is receiving around £530,000 (approx. 78 million yen)—equivalent to around 50% of its annual operating budget—from Arts Council England as a regularly funded organisation. The Chairman is Charles Garrad and the co-directors are Judith Night and Gill Lloyd.

Artsadmin’s mission:
• Discovering and developing artistic talent and supporting artists at all stages of their career
• Responding to the creativity of artists and using our expertise to help them realise ambitious ideas
• Creating safe and supportive spaces for artistic experiment, risk-taking and development
• Being truly collaborative; sharing knowledge and resources and creating meaningful partnerships and networks
• Responding to the changing environment we live in; being a leader in the arts for work that addresses the issue of climate change and finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of the arts

Artsadmin’s main programs are as follows:
+Support for Production
Artsadmin produces new, creative arts events in contemporary arts or audiences across the UK and around the world and for all kinds of contexts, ranging from outdoor events at large-scale festivals to performances at small theatres, long-term audience participation type projects and the like. Last year, over 180,000 people saw Artsadmin supported works, including 126 events by 27 artists in a total of 267 performances and 1,151 days of exhibitions. Also, based on program successes from 2009 to 2012 Artsadmin was commissioned to co-produced two projects with Shape for Arts Council England’s “Unlimited 2014” programme celebrating the work of disabled artists. Support was also provided in collaboration with Creative Scotland, the British Council, Southbank Centre and DaDaFest for the discovery of new artists and commissioning of works, as well as mentoring programs and the like.
Artists’ Support
Artsadmin supports artists working in contemporary and interdisciplinary performance across the UK, from young people getting involved in making work for the first time through to artists with established careers. Support is offered for a range of projects and events including mentoring, support for young artists, development and commissioning programmes, support for artists’ work in schools, a summer project for young people, etc. A committee for young artists and a grant program have also been established.
Studio Management
Artsadmin operates its Toynbee Studios home in East London (with a 280 seat theatre, five rehearsal spaces, office and studio spaces and a café bar). Here, Artsadmin offers subsidized rehearsal and office spaces to independent artists and building users frequently collaborate on projects with Artsadmin and with each other.
Arts Administration & the Environment
Artsadmin believes that artists and arts organisations have an important role to play in exploring, communicating and acting on issues around climate change and the environment. Artsadmin has commissioned and produced major new works in this area including its Two Degrees festival (2009, 2011), as well as supporting grassroots activity and new projects. Artsadmin is also active as a founder member of Imagine 2020, a European network of eleven arts organisations engaged in arts and climate change, supported by the European Culture Programme.