The Japan Foundation Grant Program for Overseas Performance 2011

First adopted
No. Program Region Project Title Grantee Opening date Closing date Host Country Host City Genre
1 B Eastern Asia "Reimei", Japan-China Friendship Female Chorus, The 8th Concert in China(Ningxia, Yinchuan) "Reimei", Japan-China Friendship Female Chorus Jul. 21, 2011 Jul. 26, 2011 CHINA Yinchuan Western Classical Music
2 A Eastern Asia IKENOSHITA THEATRICAL COMPANY IN SHANGHAI [AOINOUE] Ikenoshita Theatrical Company Sep. 24, 2011 Sep. 30, 2011 CHINA Shanghai Contemporary Theater
3 A Eastern Asia Studio Lofe Seoul Tour For 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' Studio Life Co., Ltd. Oct. 2, 2011 Oct. 11, 2011 KOREA Seoul Contemporary Theater
4 A Eastern Asia Masaaki Suzuki & Bach Collegium Japan members Concert in Korea Bach Collegium Japan May. 31, 2011 Jun. 6, 2011 KOREA Seoul Western Classical Music
6 A Southeast Asia off nibroll Gallery Performance Bangkok/Vietnam YANAIHARA Mikuni Sep. 6, 2011 Sep. 20, 2011 VIET NAM, THAILAND Ho-chi-Minh, Bangkok Contemporary Dance
7 B Southeast Asia Mugen Jyuku Concert Tour -Tsugaru Shamisen and Nihon Buyo- Visiting group 2011 Oct. 10, 2011 Oct. 15, 2011 MALAYSIA Pinang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur Japanese Traditional Music and Dance
8 B South Asia HOKUTO-GUMI Yosakoi Performance in Srilanka Team YAMABIKO, HOKUTO-GUMI Aug. 20, 2011 Aug. 27, 2011 SRI LANKA Colombo Japanese Folk Dance(Yosakoi)
9 A Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia Body Landscape in the Eastern Asia, Tradition and Today Liaison of International Butoh Sep. 12, 2011 Oct. 3, 2011 CHINA, SINGAPORE Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore Contemporary Dance(Butoh)
10 A Southeast Asia, South Asia IIMURO Naoki MIME SOLO ACT: time of mime IIMURO Naoki Jun. 1, 2011 Jun. 16, 2011 VIET NAM, INDIA, PHILIPPINES Hanoi, Ho-chi-Minh, New Delhi, Manila Contemporary Theater(Mime)
11 A North America THE HUNTING GUN PARCO CO.,LTD Aug. 14, 2011 Sep. 19, 2011 CANADA Montreal Contemporary Theater
12 A North America Trio A„‘ in Canada MAKIGAMI Koichi May. 18, 2011 May. 22, 2011 CANADA Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria Contemporary Music
13 B North America Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Presents Summer Camp "Canada|Japan Youth Joint Musical Workshop 2011" Ookinayume Youth Theater Aug. 20, 2011 Aug. 30, 2011 CANADA Toronto Children's Theater
14 A North America OSAKA MONAURAIL CONCERT IN MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL 2011 SHOUT PRODUCTIONS CO., LTD. Jun. 28, 2011 Jul. 4, 2011 CANADA, U.S.A Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York Music (Funk)
15 B North America Save New Orleans, Japan-America Jazz Exchange Wonderful World Jazz Foundation Aug. 3, 2011 Aug. 9, 2011 U.S.A New Orleans Music(Jazz)
16 A North America Rhythumic Relations2011 One eight creation Co.,Ltd. Jun. 21, 2011 Jun. 30, 2011 U.S.A Los Angeles Music (Wadaiko)
17 A Central America Magdalena/7 camios Teatrales, Veracryz University, performances/lecture/conferences/workshop NAKAJIMA Natsu Jul. 5, 2011 Aug. 25, 2011 MEXICO Veracruz, Guanajuato Contemporary Dance
18 A South America ATAMAYAMA -O Teatro Brasileiro na Arte do Nagauta NAGAUTA HAYASHI NO KAI Jul. 25, 2011 Aug. 6, 2011 BRAZIL Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte Japanese Traditional Music (Nagauta) + Performance (Rakugo)
19 A South America YUBIWA Hotel'Massive Water' Brazil tour 2011 YUBIWA Hotel performing arts company Apr. 26, 2011 May. 17, 2011 BRAZIL Fortaleza, Salvador, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Contemporary Theater
20 A South America SPAC 'Peer Gyunt' in XIII Edition of the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro of Bogota Shizuoka Performing Arts Center Mar. 19, 2012 Mar. 31, 2012 COLOMBIA Bogota Contemporary Theater
21 A North America ,South America Butoh Vision in American Continent KATSURA Kan May. 16, 2011 Jul. 12, 2011 U.S.A, CHILE, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires Contemporary Dance(Butoh)
22 A Western Europe Frustrated Picture book for Adult / Europe Tour Niwagekidan Penino Nov. 20, 2011 Dec. 4, 2011 BELGIUM Kortrijk, Bruxelles Contemporary Theater
23 B Western Europe JINENJO CLUB SWIZERLAND TOUR JINENJO CLUB May. 24, 2011 Jun. 7, 2011 SWITZERLAND Zurich, Basel, Bern Neo Japanese Folk Dance(Dengaku)
24 A Western Europe Tajima Tadashi Shakuhachi Germany Tour TAJIMA Tadashi May. 23, 2011 Jun. 4, 2011 GERMANY Munchen, Lubeck, Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Nurmberg, Hamburg, Mainz Japanese Traditional Music (Shakuhachi)
25 B Western Europe The Kuzumaki-Kagura ancient Shinto music and dance performance in Germany The Kuzumaki-Kagura preservation Society Aug. 5, 2011 Aug. 13, 2011 GERMANY Mainz, Bad Durkheim Japanese Traditional Performance(Kagura)
26 B Western Europe The Cultural Exchange Program for youth between Japan and Germany "Framewalk" NPO DANCE BOX Dec. 5, 2011 Dec. 12, 2011 GERMANY Dusseldorf Contemporary Dance
27 A Western Europe Tokyo Chamber Opera 43rd 'A telling of the moon and a tiger' Tokyo Chamber Opera Oct. 13, 2011 Oct. 24, 2011 GERMANY Trier, Worms, Saarlouis Western Classical Music
28 A Western Europe Yoshiyuki Kimura tsugaru-syamisen/wadaiko Germany Tour KIMURA Yoshiyuki Sep. 14, 2011 Sep. 22, 2011 GERMANY Hamburg, Oldenburg, Winsen an der Ruhe Japanese Traditional Music (Tugaru Shamisen, Wadaiko)
29 A Western Europe Butoh Festival in Germany Kingyo Office 2011.5.24 May. 30, 2011 GERMANY Dusseldorf Contemporary Dance
30 B Western Europe Sousui-kai Koto Ensemble Sousui-kai Aug. 20, 2011 Aug. 27, 2011 GERMANY Heidelberg, Rothenburg, Munchen Japanese Traditional Music(Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi)
31 A Western Europe Sankai Juku Germany Tour 2011 NPO Sankai Juku May. 16, 2011 May. 30, 2011 GERMANY Heilbronn, Frankfurt a.M., Bonn, Remscheid Contemporary Dance(Butoh)
32 A Western Europe German-Japan Moers Jazz Festival Participation Project Office Ohsawa Ltd. Jun. 7, 2011 Jun. 15, 2011 GERMANY Moers, Hamburg, Berlin Music
33 A Western Europe The theater Company Bungeiza Finland (Seinajok Amateur Theater Festival) Project THE THEATER COMPANY BUNGEIZA Aug. 24, 2011 Aug. 30, 2011 FINLAND Rovaniemi Contemporary Theater
34 A Western Europe Humpe sisters The Finnish Institute in Japan Jun. 29, 2011 Jul. 3, 2011 FINLAND Rovaniemi Folk Performance of Ainu
35 A Western Europe Emily Tanaka "Cube" France Tour TANAKA Emily May. 4, 2011 May. 8, 2011 FRANCE Paris Contemporary Dance
36 A Western Europe Rakugo, The Japanese Art of Story-Telling: Germany/Austria Performance Clara KREFT Jul. 1, 2011 Jul. 11, 2011 GERMANY, AUSTRIA Wien, Bonn, Dusseldorf, German City Japanese Traditional Performance(Rakugo)
37 A Western Europe Minami Hiroshi Trio with Melanie Bong Jazz Tour in Germany and Austria MINAMI Hiroshi May. 1, 2011 May. 17, 2011 AUSTRIA, GERMANY Munchen, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt a.M., Linz, Wien, Graz Music (Jazz)
38 A Western Europe KAKASHI-ZA2011 Spanish-Finland Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHI-ZA May. 5, 2011 May. 24, 2011 SPAIN, FINLAND Segovia, Burgos, Valladolid, Leon, Salamanca, Zamora, La Granja, Baranain, Kouvola Children's Theater
39 A Western Europe WA-Leage Europe Tour AN-Entertainment.Inc Oct. 20, 2011 Nov. 1, 2011 SWITZERLAND, LUXEMBOURG Geneve, Bern, Strassen Music (Wadaiko, Shamisen, Jiuta)
40 A Western Europe Kuniko kato Europe Concert Tour KATO Kuniko Jul. 1, 2011 Jul. 28, 2011 U. K., PORTUGAL, FRANCE Reims, Tomar, Cheltenham Music (Percussion)
41 A Western Europe The final performance of the 150th Anniversary's cerebration of the Treaty of Peace, Amity and Commerce between Portugal and Japan. The executive committee of final performance of the 150th Anniversary's cerebration of the Jun. 5, 2011 Jun. 15, 2011 PORTUGAL, BELGIUM, FRANCE Lisbon, Bruxelles, Nice Japanese Traditional Theater (Nou)
42 A Western Europe SHANTI "Romance with me" Europe Tour 2011 Concert Service Co.,LTD(Artist management department Concert imagine) Jun. 19, 2011 Jun. 24, 2011 SPAIN, FRANCE, GERMANY Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Koln Contemporary Music
43 B Eastern Europe Manjushaka Performance in Belarus Kakehashi to Chelnobyl Apr. 18, 2011 May. 1, 2011 BELARUS Mogilev, Homyel, Minsk Contemporary Theater
44 A Eastern Europe Hinokiya Eastern Europe Tour Hitococochi, inc. Apr. 22, 2011 May. 3, 2011 POLAND, CZECHO, SLOVAKIA, HUNGARY Praha, Teplice, Brno, Bratislava, Ziar nad Hronom, Szolnok, Warszawa, Ostrava Music
45 A Eastern Europe Orchestra Libera Classica's concert in Poland Prchestra Libera Classica Nov. 14, 2011 Nov. 22, 2011 POLAND Poznan, Warszawa, Sibiu, Bucharest, Cluj Western Classical Music
46 A Eastern Europe Yamanote Jijosha "Keisei Hangonko" Romania tour Uptown Production Co., Ltd(Yamanote Jijosha) May. 26, 2011 Jun. 10, 2011 ROMANIA Sibiu, Bucharest, Cluj Contemporary Theater
47 A Western Europe, Eastern Europe MATSUYAMA Gen German Tour MATSUYAMA Gen Jun. 8, 2011 Jun. 16, 2011 GERMANY Berlin Western Classical Music
48 A Western Europe, Eastern Europe FaiFai "Shibahama" Europe Tour faifai Aug. 4, 2011 Sep. 29, 2011 GERMANY, ESTONIA, HUNGARY Berlin, Tallin, Budapest Contemporary Theater
49 A Western Europe, Eastern Europe Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi Europe tour 2011 SAKATA Akira Oct. 26, 2011 Nov. 7, 2011 POLAND, BELGIUM, U. K., RUSSIA Krakow, Bruxelles, Hasselt, London, Moskva Music (Jazz)
50 B Middle East Cultural exchange event Human and cultural exchange general incorporated association May. 6, 2011 May. 16, 2011 KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN, QATAR Al-Manamah, Dawha,Ad Contemporary Theater
51 B Africa Bando Chikako / Dance Company Hanaarashi Madagascar Tour BANDO Chikako May. 21, 2011 Jun. 2, 2011 MADAGASCAR Antananarivo Contemporary Dance
52 A Africa Two As One Project (South Africa/Japan Dance Collaboration) First Step Kenshi Nohmi&Dance Theater 21 Jul. 31, 2011 Aug. 17, 2011 SOUTH Africa Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town Contemporary Dance
53 A Africa X[ikusa] South Africa Tour HEMMI Yasutaka Jan. 21, 2012 Feb. 7, 2012 SOUTH Africa Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town Contemporary Music
54 A Eastern Asia, North America Dance-X 11 Tokyo-Seoul-Montreal The Foundation for Child Well-being May. 11, 2011 May. 24, 2011 CANADA, KOREA Montreal, Seoul Contemporary Dance
55 A Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe Music & Rhythms Eurasia Tour STATION Co Ltd., May. 24, 2011 Jun. 8, 2011 GERMANY, CZECHO, MONGOLIA Dusseldorf, Koln, Praha, Ulaanbaatar Music
56 A North Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe GOCOO EUROPE TOUR 2011 GOCOO (Tawoo Limited Company) May. 15, 2011 Jul. 1, 2011 ITALY, GERMANY, HUNGARY, MOROCCO Rabat, Bagnolo Cremasco, Morbegno, Stresa, Brescia, Lovere, Chiudono, Munchen, Budapest, Pecs, Hannover, Siegen Music (Wadaiko)
57 A North America, Western Europe potudo-ru tour in Europe and North America 2011 potudo-ru May. 20, 2011 Jun. 13, 2011 CANADA, BELGIUM, AUSTRIA Montreal, Bruxelles, Wien Contemporary Theater
Second adopted
No. Program Region Project Title Grantee Opening date Closing date Host Country Host City Genre
1 A Eastern Asia Traditional of Kyoto Nagauta+Gion-East Geiko & Maiko Dance Gion-East Teahouse Union
[Gion-East Music & Dance Association]
Feb. 17, 2012 Feb. 20, 2012 CHINA Hongkong Japanese Traditional Music and Dance (Nagauta, Shamisen, Buyo)
2 A Eastern Asia The Act Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival Nansenhokuba Nov. 16, 2011 Nov. 22, 2011 CHINA Shanghai Contemporary Theater
3 A Eastern Asia "King of Silence" by Rojiura Gekkodo in Beijing Fringe Festival Tiny Alice, NPO ARC Sep. 18, 2011 Sep. 25, 2011 CHINA Beijing Contemporary Theater
4 A Eastern Asia Dance Camp Project by accepting an invitation from Korea. Seoul. International Dance Festival Dance Camp Project Oct. 06, 2011 Oct. 12, 2011 KOREA Seoul, Pusan Contemporary Dance
5 A Eastern Asia Ensemble NOMAD Korean Tour 2011 Ensemble NOMAD Oct. 30, 2011 Nov. 04, 2011 KOREA Seoul, Taegu Contemporary Music (Guitar)
6 B Eastern Asia Akita kanto Executire Committee exchange between Japan and Korea Festival 2011 in Seoul Akita kanto Executire Committee Sep. 24, 2011 Sep. 26, 2011 KOREA Seoul Japanese Traditional Performance (Kanto)
7 A Eastern Asia PAN music festival 2011 Brass Extreme Tokyo Concert Brass Extreme Tokyo Oct. 30, 2011 Nov. 02, 2011 KOREA Seoul Contemporary Music (Brass)
8 A Eastern Asia SEIRYU THEATER international 2011 in Korea SEIRYU THEATER Sep. 30, 2011 Oct. 06, 2011 KOREA Chuncheon Contemporary Theater
9 B Eastern Asia Japan-Korea Exchange Festival Matsuri in Seoul Association of AOMORI WEEK (Aomori NEBURA) in Seoul Sep. 23, 2011 Sep. 26, 2011 KOREA Seoul Japanese Traditional Performance (Nebuta)
10 A Eastern Asia Sung=Won„Yang and The Hibiki Strings in Japan Hibiki Strings of JAPAN Oct. 06, 2011 Oct. 08, 2011 KOREA Seoul Western Classical Music (Chamber)
11 A Southeast Asia ATPA KABUKI "The masseur and thief" Singapore and Malaysia Tour Association for Traditional Performing Arts of Japan Feb. 29, 2012 Mar. 08, 2012 SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Japanese Traditional Theater (Kabuki)
12 A Southeast Asia "unit asia" Southeast Asian Tour 2012 Planet Arts Co. Jan. 25, 2012 Feb. 14, 2012 THAILAND, VIET NAM, MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho-Chi-Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Manira Contemporary Music (Jazz)
13 A Southeast Asia International Butoh Festival 2011 - Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok Butoh Laboratory Japan Nov. 23, 2011 Dec. 12, 2011 MALAYSIA, THAILAND Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok Contemporary Dance (Butoh)
14 A Southeast Asia Akiko Kitamura Collaboration Project between Japan and Indonesia "To Belong" (provisional) KITAMURA Akiko Mar. 15, 2012 Apr. 04, 2012 INDONESIA Jakarta Contemporary Dance
15 A Southeast Asia Okinawa Dance in Myanmar NPO Okinawa Culture Association Oct. 25, 2011 Oct. 31, 2011 MYANMAR Yangon Okinawa Traditinal/Folk Dance
16 B South Asia Japanese Enka Song Performance of Indian Enka Singer Chadha and Tokamachi Natsumero Association India Tour NPO Society to Promote Indo-Japan Cultural Relations Dec. 01, 2011 Dec. 08, 2011 INDIA New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai Japanese Contemporary Music (Enka)
17 B South Asia Japanese Drum (from HIROSHIMA) Performance and Workshop in India HARADA Yoshiko Sep. 17, 2011 Sep. 24, 2011 INDIA Delhi, Bangalore Japanese Taditional Music (Wadaiko)
18 A Oceania CAVA Performance in 2011 OzAsia Festival CAVA Sep. 11, 2011 Sep. 19, 2011 AUSTRALIA Adelaide Contemporary Theater (Mime)
19 A North America Shonen Knife North American Tour 2011 Shonen Knife Oct. 19, 2011 Nov. 21, 2011 CANADA, U.S.A Toronto, Montreal, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Durham, Atlanta, Houston, Austin, Tuscon, Long Beach, San Diego, Los Angels, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kalamazoo, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo Contemporary Music (Rock)
20 A North America OSAKA MONAURAIL Concerts in North America SHOUT! Productions Co., Ltd. Jul. 02, 2012 Jul. 09, 2012 CANADA, U.S.A Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, New york Contemporary Music (Jazz)
21 A North America Silhouette Theater TSUNOBUE America Tour Silhouette Theater TSUNOBUE Mar. 09, 2012 Mar. 27, 2012 U.S.A New York, White Plains, Washington D.C. Silhouette Theater
22 A North America J-A-P-A-N : Kaigen US Tour 2011 Kaigen Sep. 07, 2011 Sep. 21, 2011 U.S.A New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angels, San Diego, San Francisco Contemporary Music (Hip-Hop)
23 A North America OYAMA x NITTA USA Tour shirofuchi Inc. Sep. 02, 2011 Sep. 06, 2011 U.S.A Nashville Japanese Traditional Music (Tsugaru shamisen)
24 A North America Mansaku-no-Kai Kyogen Company : North American Tour Mansaku-no-Kai Kyogen Company May. 09, 2012 May. 21, 2012 U.S.A San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C. Japanese Traditional Theater (Kyogen)
25 A North America Recycling: Washitales IBE Kyoko Aug. 28, 2011 Sep. 25, 2011 U.S.A Champaign, Los Angels Japanese Traditional Music (Biwa, Taiko, Shomyo, etc.) and Art craft (Washi)
26 A North America Lincoln Center Jazz Master Series
Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra "OLD&New" Play "Drum Conference"
HAL Co., Ltd Apr. 10, 2012 Apr. 16, 2012 U.S.A New York Contemporary Music (Jazz, Wadaiko)
27 A South America Takao Kawaguchi Project "Tri_K" Brazil Tour KAWAGUCHI Takao Oct. 31, 2011 Nov. 14, 2011 BRAZIL Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Contemporary Dance/Performance
28 A South America Tomohiro Yahiro/ DOS ORIENTALES South America Tour KaiYa project., Inc. Dec. 11, 2011 Dec. 28, 2011 URUGUAY, ARGENTINA Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca, Bariloche, Mendoza, Santa Rosa, La Plata, Mar del Plata Contemporary Music (Percussion)
29 A Western Europe Pe'z Spain Tour 2011 Hanshin Contents Link Corporation Sep. 13, 2011 Oct. 04, 2011 SPAIN Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Aviles Contemporary Music (Jazz, Rock)
30 A Western Europe International Festival "Music Unlimited 25" in Wels, Austria YAGI Michiyo Nov. 03, 2011 Nov. 08, 2011 AUSTRIA Wels Contemporary Music (Koto, Drums, Sax)
31 A Western Europe International Festival "Music Unlimited 25" MORIYAMA Takeo Nov. 03, 2011 Nov. 08, 2011 AUSTRIA, POLAND, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, (U.K) Wels, Krakow, Amsterdam, Koln, (London) Contemporary Music (Jazz)
32 A Western Europe Higaki Ballet Company Germany Tour 2011 Higaki Ballet Company Oct. 19, 2011 Oct. 24, 2011 GERMANY Halle Ballet
33 A Western Europe Waseda Symphony Orchestra Tokyo "Europa Tournee 2012" Waseda Symphony Orchestra Tokyo Feb. 20, 2012 Mar. 17, 2012 GERMANY, AUSTRIA Frankfurt, Leipzig, Bayreuth, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Wien, Munchen, Nurnberg, Heuerswerder, Berlin, Oberhausen, Wiesbaden Western Classical Music
34 A Western Europe Co. TABA-MAKI "home" Europe Tour Co. TABA-MAKI Nov. 28, 2011 Dec. 11, 2011 GERMANY, NETHERLANDS Berlin, Amsterdam Contemporary Dance
35 A Western Europe Saburo Teshigawara / KARAS tour in Italy and France Saburo Teshigawara + KARAS (KARAS Co., Ltd.) Oct. 04, 2011 Nov. 05, 2011 ITALY, FRANCE Rome, Ferrara, (Venice), Nantes Contemporary Dance
36 B Western Europe The 22nd Goodwill Gagaku Concert Tour Gagaku Music Society of Tenri University Sep. 06, 2011 Sep. 18, 2011 NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, FRANCE, U.K. Amsterdam, Koln, Paris, Munchen, London Japanese Traditional Music (Gagaku)
37 A Western Europe HIFANA France Tour 2011 GROUNDRIDDIM Inc., Sep. 30, 2011 Oct. 11, 2011 FRANCE Paris, Lyon, Reunion, Nantes Contenporary Music and Visual Art Performance
38 A Western Europe Gagaku, Imperial Court Music & Dance of Japan, on the occasions of the 2012 Edinburgh Festival and the 2012 Floriade Hisashi Itoh & Co. Aug. 11, 2012 Aug. 17, 2012 U.K., NETHERLANDS Edinburg, Amsterdam Japanese Traditional Music (Gagaku)
39 B Western Europe Vocal Music Festival Concordia Vocis Chamber Choir VOX GAUDIOSA Sep. 13, 2011 Sep. 24, 2011 ITALY Alezio, Sardegna Music (Chorus)
40 B Eastern Europe JCDA Youth Choir in Poland and Poland Youth Choir Exchange Program Japan Choral Directors Association Mar. 25, 2012 Mar. 31, 2012 POLAND Warsaw, Gdansk Music (Chorus)
41 A Eastern Europe HIKASHU Tour in Sibiria HIKASHU Sep. 22, 2011 Oct. 02, 2011 RUSSIA Barnau, Gorno-Altaysk, Novosibirsk, Abakan, Tomsk Contemporary Music
42 B Eastern Europe IWAHORI Keiko Tour in Russia IWAHORI Keiko Sep. 09, 2011 Sep. 25, 2011 RUSSIA Moscow, Smolensk Japanese Tradional Music (Koto, Shakuhachi, etc.)
43 B Eastern Europe Japan-Vladivostok Association -participating tour in The 7th Vladivostok biennale of visual arts-2011 Japan-Vladivostok Association Sep. 22, 2011 Sep. 29, 2011 RUSSIA Vladivostok Japanese Traditional/Contemporary Performance (Kagura, Budo, etc.)
44 A Western Europe, Eastern Europe WARIKI East Europe Tour KATOGI Akira Feb. 22, 2012 Mar. 20, 2012 AUSTRIA, SLOVENIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, MONTENEGRO, ALBANIA, KOSOVO, ITALY, MALTA Wien, Ljubljana, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Durres, Pristina, Napoli, Malta Japanese Traditional/Folk Music
45 A Western Europe, Eastern Europe Kazutoki Umezu KIKIBAND Concert Tour in Europe UMEZU Kazutoki Sep. 14, 2011 Oct. 03, 2011 GERMANY, POLAND, SWITZERLAND, UKRAINE, SLOVENIA, CROATIA, AUSTRIA Leverkusen, Bielefeld, Dresden, Berlin, Cobbs, Cracow, Passau, Offenburg, Bern, Kiev, Zaporizhia, Wurzburg, (undetermined cities in SLOVENIA, CROATIA and AUSTRIA) Contemporary Music (Jazz)
46 B Africa Kikusuiren Awa Dance Group South Africa Tour Tokyo Kouenji Awa Dance Kikusuikai Kikusuiren Sep. 03, 2011 Sep. 10, 2011 SOUTH AFRICA Johannesberg, Pretoria, Cape Town Japanese Traditional/Folk Dance (Awa dance)
47 A Western Europe, South America SABU TOYOZUMI World Tour TOYOZUMI Yoshisaburo Sep. 21, 2011 Dec. 20, 2011 GERMANY, BELGIUM, FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, AUSTRIA, BRAZIL Gottingen, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Wels, Milan, Monopoli, Wien, Bremen, Sao Paulo Contemporary Music (Percussion)