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Grinder-Man is an art performance group that creates audacious happenings in locations ranging from art museums and galleries to concert halls and clubs. The group started in 1997 with their Grinder-Man's Theme performance for a TV program, in which they used grinders on metal plates installed on their bodies to create sparks to express the concept Onore o kezuru (Grind Away the Self). To date they have performed in New York, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, Rome, Cologne, and Paris. Their Mustang performance series, launched in 2005, has workshop participants wear a "Go Head Parallel" cube on their head as they dance, and has toured around Japan. The anonymity gained by wearing boxes on their heads creates a clear dividing line between performers and audience so that the audience may be guided to chaos. Performing the same series in different places with new performers each time has become a hallmark of Grinder-Man's performances. The leader, Taguchi Hitoshi, was born in Yokohama in 1973 and is also active as a digital artist in design and film production.