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Born: 1976
Function: stage director playwright
Company: Modern Swimmers

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Horai is the resident writer and director for the Modern Swimmers theater company. Works performed by the company include Denki-jima (Electric Island), Akagi go-kyodai (The Five Akagi Brothers), and Rakuen (Paradise). He has also written for other companies including stage adaptations of Sekai no chushin de, ai o sakebu (Socrates in Love), Tokyo Tawaa~Okan to boku to, tokidoki, oton (Tokyo Tower: Mom and I and Sometimes Dad), and PARCO Theater's LOVE 30. He also wrote and directed Denki-jima~Shiroi ie hen (Electric Island: White House Version) for the Dogaku Sensei theater company, and has written many scripts for anime and TV dramas. His plays, which attract large audiences, feature groups of true-to-life characters living close to the edge, for whom the trials of adult life expose their naiveté. Yutaka no tsuki (Yutaka's Moon), which he wrote for the Tobiraza company, was nominated for the 2006 Kishida Drama Award. March 2008 sees the release of the movie Gachi Boi (Gachi Boy) based on the play Igarashi den~Igarashi wa moete iru ka (The Igarashi Story: Is He Passionate?) he wrote for Modern Swimmers.

Photo: Miyauchi Katsu
Yutaka no tsuki (Yutaka’s Moon)
The taciturn gardener Yutaka is separated from his wife and lives with their daughter Ako, who is not allowed to see her mother. At the request of his wife, who does not have long to live, he takes up a job as the gardener at her house, bringing Ako with him. His wife’s present husband is Arai, an old friend and love rival from their school days. Another school friend, Kanako, is desperate for her reclusive son, Norio, to get out and about. A recalcitrant daughter with a mother who ran off before she was old enough to know her, and an uncommunicative father who omitted to tell her the house they have come to is her mother’s…

First staged: 2006
Cast: 7 (5 male, 2 female)
First staged by: Tobiraza

©Modern Swimmers
Kaiten suru yoru (Revolving Nights)
This is the story of a young man in bed with the flu who has recurring dreams of a night in the past. “If only I had done this or had been a bit more like that,” he begins to think. After a fitful night of repetitive “what if” fantasizing, he gradually begins to see his true self. The story unfolds as the scene shifts back and forth between the night in the present and the night in the past with slight discrepancies creeping in.

First staged: 2007
Acts/scenes: 1 act, 8 scenes
Cast: 6 (5 male, 1 female)
First staged by: Modern Swimmers