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Keralino Sandorovich
Born: 1963
Function: stage director playwright
Company: Nylon 100°C

After graduating from the Yokohama Movie and Broadcasting College (now the Japan Academy of Moving Images), Keralino (aka Kera) formed and sang lead vocals for the new-wave band Uchoten. While at the forefront of the indie music boom, he also established the theater company Kenko, which presented mostly nonsense comedies from 1985\92. In 1993, he formed his present company, Nylon 100˚C, for whom he writes and directs most of the performances. Their regular members are joined by various guest artists who stage concept-oriented performances called "sessions," and in addition to nonsense comedies they perform a wide range of live-style works incorporating sitcom, dance, film and skits, and even a Western performed by an all-female cast. In 1999, Kera won the Kishida Drama Award for Furozun bichi (Frozen Beach). In 2002 he won the first Asahi Performing Arts Award, and also in 2002 the fifth Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award and the 9th Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Director for Shitsuon~Yoru no ongaku (Room Temperature: Music of the Night).

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Furozun bichi (Frozen Beach)
The setting for this suspense comedy dealing with the complex love-hate relationship between four women is a weekend home on a solitary southern island. Ai wants to kill her identical twin Moe. Chizu makes out that she's Ai's friend, but in reality she hates her and, together with Ichiko—a dangerous character who cannot tell right from wrong, plots to kill her. Moe, meanwhile, is determined to expose their stepmother's love affair. Along with their various outlandish misunderstandings and preconceptions, the ups and downs of their feelings over sixteen years are minutely depicted.

First staged: 1998
Acts/scenes: 1 act, 3 scenes
Cast: 4 female (the twins Ai and Moe are played by one actress)
First staged by: Nylon 100˚C
[Translation]English: available from Silly Walk Ltd.

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Shoshitsu (Disappearance)
Set in the near future after the most recent war, two brothers aged 39 and 35 live humbly in a dystopian town somewhere on Earth. It is Christmas, and the elder brother devises a plan to force his introverted younger brother to make a move on the girl he is in love with. Through casual conversations on topics such as the failure of the second moon station, the green smoke rising from burning stations, the deformed crows, bronze statues melted into weird shapes by the heat of explosions, air raids, terrorists, and so forth, we gradually learn of a distressing "disappearance."

First staged: 2004
Acts/scenes: 1 act, 4 scenes
Cast: 6 (4 male, 2 female)
First staged by: Nylon 100°C
[Translation] English: available from Silly Walk Ltd.