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Born: 1977
Function: stage director playwright
Company: Gotandadan

Maeda was born in Gotanda, Tokyo, and graduated from Wako University. He formed the Gotandadan theater company in 1997 at the age of nineteen. The charm of his work lies in its naturally laid-back and amusing humor within a theatrical space. His plays Iya, mushiro wasurete-gusa (More a Forget-Me than a Forget-Me-Not), Kyabetsu no tagui (A Type of Cabbage), and Sayonara boku no chiisana meisei (Farewell, My Moment of Fame) were shortlisted for the 49th, 50th, and 51st Kishida Drama Awards respectively. In 2007, he won the Kishida Drama Award for Ikiteirumono ga inainoka (No One Alive Here?) This is a lyrical and humorous piece depicting death that grew out of a workshop involving 17 actors picked by audition, and for reasons never explained, all the characters die. It has been acclaimed as strict yet refreshing Theater of the Absurd. Many of Maeda's short stories have been published in literary magazines, and several of his novels have been nominated for major literary awards, including Ai demo nai, seishun demo nai, tabi datanai (Not Really Love, Nor Youth, Nor a Trip) for the 27th Noma New Literary Writers Prize, Renai no kaitai to Kita-ku no metsubo (Splitting Up, and the Collapse of Kita Ward) for the 28th Noma New Literary Writers Prize and the 19th Mishima Prize, and Gureto seikatsu adobencha (The Great Life Adventure) for the 137th Akutagawa Prize.

Kyabetsu no tagui (A Type of Cabbage)
A man’s memory has been removed and transplanted into a cabbage. His wife has a worm in her head and is gradually losing her memory. A god wearing a short coat turns up. The man asks the god to get rid of the worm in his wife’s head, but the process goes disastrously wrong. The wife swells up to the size of the earth and can no longer be seen. Now inside his wife, the man hears her voice calling from outside. It is his memory taking in his wife’s memory, that is, the voice of a cabbageworm living inside the cabbage. Upon hearing his wife’s farewell, the weeping man begins peeling away the cabbage leaves.

First staged: 2005
Acts/scenes: 1 act
Cast: 7 (3 male, 4 female)
First staged by: Gotandadan

Sayonara boku no chiisana meisei (Farewell, My Moment of Fame)
A playwright calling himself “I” (boku) decides to donate one of the Kishida Drama Awards presented to him by his girlfriend to a poor country. While he is away, a snake living in his room swells up as it tries to swallow the girlfriend, the entire world, and by extension the play itself. These two symbolic episodes gradually converge arbitrarily to create a dreamlike rambling story. The author’s own experience of having twice been nominated for but failing to win the Kishida Drama Award also becomes a motif.

First staged: 2006
Acts/scenes: 1 act
Cast: 10 (3 male, 7 female)
First staged by: Gotandadan