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Born: 1947
Function: stage director playwright

Takeuchi was born in Aichi Prefecture. He formed the Shakosha theater company with other actors including Kiba Katsumi after dropping out of Waseda University's Department of Literature in 1975. Shakosha disbanded in 1979, and in 1980 he formed the Hiho Zero Bankan company which continued until 1989. With skillful quotations from existing artworks and plays and a good dose of black humor, Takeuchi depicts the malice, desire, and meaninglessness that people ordinarily keep hidden. He won the 1981 Kishida Drama Award for Ano ogarasu, saemo (Duchamp's Glass). Since 1995 he has run the production company JIS Kikaku together with the actor Sano Shiro. In 1996, he won the Yomiuri Literature Prize for Drama and Scriptwriting, the Kinokuniya Theater Award for Personal Achievement, and the Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Director for Tsuki no hikari (Claire de Lune), in which Kafkaesque characters get embroiled in a murder case. In recent years he has been collaborating with the young kyogen actors of the Shigeyama family. In 2004, Takeuchi was awarded the Purple Ribbon Medal of Honor.

Photo: Masunaga Yo
Ano ogarasu, saemo (Duchamp’s Glass)
Three bachelors are carrying a large sheet of glass. The sun is going down but they still haven’t found the place they are supposed to be delivering it to and they are getting tired of carrying their heavy burden. Finally they come across a house with a sign reading “Sanjo Residence Tradesmen’s Entrance.” After some hesitation, they realize that this is the place, and that the person who made the order is none other than Sanjo Rumi, a former cute singer of children’s songs now turned porn actress and the woman of their dreams. The men have wild fantasies about Rumi’s daily life, and they enter her house carrying the big pane of glass through a wide-open door as if being swallowed up.

First staged: 1981
Acts/scenes: 1 act
Cast: 3 (all male)
First staged by: Hiho Zero Bankan

Photo: Tanaka Aki
Madara hime (Princess Madara)
The setting is a beach house. A play, Princess Madara, is due to be performed soon, but the script is as yet unfinished and the playwright Madarame Shogo has disappeared. The director and an actress, who is also the writer's lover, go to search for him. They are met at the beach house by the writer's cool younger sister and her nervy fiancé. A detective comes to question them about the murder of a local high school girl who had the writer's number on her cell phone. Is Shogo the murderer? Or an innocent victim himself? Men and women, life and death, comedy and tragedy become chaotically mixed up in this mystery.

First staged: 2004
Acts/scenes: 1 act, 2 scenes
Cast: 8 (4 male, 4 female)
First staged by: JIS Kikaku