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Kawasemi-za was formed in 1982 by Yamamoto Yoshiya, who trained in the Takeda Ningyo-za traditional puppet theater. With original scripts, they strive for a pure theatrical expression with puppets are designed according to the character, including the structure and handling style, although the focus is on string manipulation. Each puppet is an original work of art. The puppeteers are also highly acclaimed for their superb skill, and have charmed many audiences with their highly expressive imaginary or poetic worlds. Kawasemi-za's many performances abroad include their works without words Silent Poems and Mahoroba no kodama (Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell), which are both fantasies featuring a succession of characters from the natural world of spirits and imaginary creatures of folk myths and legends. The latter comprises exclusively Japanese tales expressed through puppets and performers, music and voices (not words), Kawasemi-za has performed in South Korea, Hong Kong, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

Mahoroba no kodama; Photo: Osuga Hiroshi