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Taira Jo has a somewhat unusual background, having surprised an audience at the age of twelve with his solo performance of Miyazawa Kenji's story Donguri to yamaneko (Acorns and Wildcats). He started working seriously in puppet theater at the age of nineteen, undertaking all the creating, directing, artwork, and performing himself. Besides puppets, he symbolically expresses characters through familiar tools and objects. The puppeteer is also sometimes an actor, sometimes narrator, freely adopting roles as necessary to carry the story. He has won over many audiences with his productions for adults of Terayama Shuji's Kegawa no Marii (La Marie Vison), Izumi Kyoka's Tenshu monogatari (Tale of the Castle Donjon), and Saint-Exupéry's Le Petit Prince. In addition, his humorous and contemporary take on a Japanese folktale, Mouse Propose!, and other works for children are also popular. In recent years he has taken up the challenge of presenting works for infants under three years of age. In 2007 he performed abroad for the first time, in Germany, and in 2008 he will perform in the United States.

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