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Kunsten Festival des Arts
Kunstenfestivaldesarts is a performing arts-focused contemporary arts festival held each May in Brussels, Belgium since 1994. Kunstenfestivaldesarts presents unique programming oriented toward experimental work and global diversity and is known as an indicator of the latest creations. In addition to featuring artists from Belgium and across Europe, the festival reaches out to find young artists from emerging nations with less developed support networks and produce many of their works. The festival also takes a long-term perspective in the task of nurturing young artists that included multiple-year joint production projects and supporting the production of new works by accomplished artists based in Belgium and other parts of Europe for world premieres. In this sense it becomes a generating force for new trends in performing arts. More than 50% of the program consists of works either produced by the festival or in collaboration, and approximately half are world premieres.
The artistic director was Frie Leysen from the festivalfs founding until 2006, when she retired. The post was then handed over to her former right hand and programming director Christophe Slagmuylder. In recent years, through the cooperation of the Japan Foundations gPAJh grant program and The Saison Foundation, works of Japanese theater-makers and artists including Toshiki Okada (Chelfitsch), Zan Yamashita, Hiroaki Umeda, Shiro Maeda (Gotanda-dan) and others have been invited to participate in the festival.

festival name : Kunsten Festival des Arts
country : Belgium
city : Brussels
venue : Kaaitheater, etc.
period : 2019.5.10 -> 2019.6.1