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Romaeuropa Festival
Romaeuropa Festival is a festival primarily of contemporary theater, dance and music held each year in Rome from September to December. It is organized by the Romaeuropa Foundation, a nonprofit organization officially recognized by the Italian government, and its predecessor is the Villa Medici Friends Association founded in 1986. The first festival was held that same year as the gVilla Medici Festival.h In lieu of its origins associated with the Villa Medici, the festival initially had a strong orientation as an Italian and French initiative, but in response to the trends toward diversity in contemporary arts and European unification over the ensuing years, the festival went beyond the initial Italian-French art orientation and was renamed the Romaeuropa Festival with the founding of todayfs Romaeuropa Foundation in 1990. It has grown to become one of the leading international festivals of its type in Europe. Among the Japanese artists invited to perform in the festival was Saburo Teshigawara in 2011.

festival name : Romaeuropa Festival
country : Italy
city : Roma
venue : Palladium Universita Roma Tre, etc.
period : 2019.9.7 -> 2019.11.24