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International Theatre Festival of Kerala
Launched in 2008 by one of Indiafs leading dance and theatre research institutes, the Kerala Sangeetha Nakata Akademi, this is one of the most important comprehensive international theatre festivals in India. With a main focus on providing the opportunity for nurture, exposure and development of local contemporary performing arts, the festival also focuses on providing a platform for other folk and traditional theatre forms from Kerala and other parts of the country and the region. Furthermore, an ambitions program of seminars and workshops, exhibitions and film screenings are also planned to help visiting artists and academicians from abroad deepen their understanding of Indian culture.
The inaugural holding of the festival only introduced works of traditional and contemporary theater from the neighboring member countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), including Bangladesh, China, Iran, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, but in the years since, the festival has gradually grown in scope to become a grand-scale festival now inviting about 30 works each year, not only from South Asia but other parts of Asia, Europe and the Americas, from Colombia to Poland, Lithuania to Bolivia and Japan and the UK. The artistic director since 2015, Sankar Venkateswaran (born 1979), is one of the most acclaimed contemporary Indian theater directors, whose works are performed worldwide. Invited to the 2016 KYOTO EXPERIMENT festival, he directed a very well-received production of Shogo Otafs Mizu no Eki (The Water Station).
Each year, a theme is adopted for the festival, around which the invited works, workshops and symposiums are planned.

festival name : International Theatre Festival of Kerala
country : India
city : Kerala
venue : Actor Murali Open Theatre, KT Mohamed Regional Theatre, Thoppil Bhasi Black Box, etc.
period : 2020.1.20 -> 2020.1.29