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ISPA (International Society for Performing Arts) International Congress
ISPA was founded in 1949 as a not-for-profit international organization dedicated to building an international network of performing arts professionals and nurturing leadership ability. It currently has over 350 members from more than 40 countries around the world. Members include some of the world's most significant presenting organizations, independent artists, performing arts organizations, artist managers, cultural policy groups, foundations, consultants, and many others who share the desire to advance the field of the performing arts on a global scale. The headquarters are located in Rye, New York, USA.
The ISPA Congress is held twice a year, with members gathering to discuss complex issues and provide opportunities for economic and social exchanges. One Congress is held in January in New York City and one in June which circles the globe and is hosted by a different ISPA member each time.

festival name : ISPA (International Society for Performing Arts) International Congress
country : USA
city : New York
venue : Online
period : 2021.1.11 -> 2021.1.15