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Frozen Beach
Frozen Beach (2002)

First Performance: 1998
Acts / Scenes: 3 scenes
Cast: women (One actress plays the roles of
the twins Ai and Moe).
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Frozen Beach  Keralino Sandrovich  
Frozen Beach  Keralino Sandrovich  
The location is Ai's vacation home on a solitary South Sea island. A "suspense comedy" unfolds around Ai, her twin, Moe (elder of the two), their stepmother Sakie, Ai's childhood friend Chidzu, and her friend Ichiko.
Ichiko is bitten by and insect and Ai teases her saying that she will go blind. Ichiko gets angry at Ai, who runs off when Ichiko sprays insecticide in her face. Chidzu expresses her disapproval, but Ichiko says she was trying to kill Ai for Chidzu. Moe comes in with a headache. Moe has a heart condition; however Chidzu gives her some medicine that is too strong. After they are alone, Ai asks Chidzu if Ichiko would mistake Ai for her twin and kill Moe. Sakie comes home and Ai rebukes her for demanding marriage of her father as compensation for going blind. Ai and Ichiko start to have an argument on the balcony, and when Ichiko pushes Ai off, Chidzu does not come to Ai's rescue. Moe is trying to drive Sakia off. She shows Sakie pictures of her with another man, and as proof thrusts a bank passbook with records of the payments under Sakie's nose. After this tempestuous fray, Moe has a heart spasm and dies. However, Sakie is under the impression that she killed Moe. Chidzu is agitated because she cannot find Ai's corpse. She goes into Moe's bedroom and discovers the body on the bed. Ai has been impersonating Moe and wants to hide the body before her father finds out about her dead sister. Ai tries to scare Sakie by pretending to be Moe's ghost, but she is so surprised when she sees the photograph and bank passbook, that the others see through her charade.

Eight years later. Just before Ai is to be evicted from the house after her father declared bankruptcy and committed suicide, Chidzu comes to ask Ai to hide some of her comrades. As is customary in Japan, Chidzu brought a small gift for her hosts. Such gifts are often sweets or rice crackers, and Ai and Sakie eat them. They immediately start losing their sense of touch. They try to call for help, but discover the phone line has been cut. Ai stabs and kills Chidzu. Ai thinks the poisoning is Chidzu's revenge on her. Ai thinks Chidzu is angry for being made to feel she (Chidzu) was a murderer. Ai goes out to get some antidote, but comes back emptyhanded. When Ichiko says that it will heal without an antidote, Ai is upset. When Ichiko tries to hold her down, Ai cuts off Ichiko's finger. Using her mysterious power, Ichiko attends to Chidzu and brings her back to life. They are going to take Ichiko to the doctor, but her finger reattaches and is once again normal.

Another eight years later. The four return to the island that has now almost completely submerged. The insect that was there sixteen years ago speaks in the local dialect and tells them not to laugh and that they are living life hung up on the past. Ichiko tries to shoot the insect. Chidzu confesses that she gave the strong medicine to Moe, but Sakie says that everything is going to sink. The insect suddenly flies off and Ichiko rushes after it and falls into the ocean. Following the sound of Ichiko's laughter, Chidzu, Sakie and Ai also plunge into the ocean.

Profile : Born: 1963
KERA is head of the Nylon 100°C troupe. After graduating from the Yokohama Movie and Broadcasting College (now the Japan Academy of Moving Images), he formed the music band Uchoten and performed as its vocalist. KERA was active musically as a central figure in the wave of indy band popularity, while also forming the theatrical troupe Kenko and presenting a series of works, most of them nonsense comedies, from 1985 to 1992. In 1993, he formed the Nylon 100°C theatrical unit, and he handles the writing and directing for almost all its performances. This unit refers to performances as sessions, and they invite guest actors to join its regular members in staging highly inventive events for each session. Apart from his nonsense comedy specialty, KERA has also presented a wide variety of other kinds of work, such as live performances mixing situation comedy, dance, film, skits, and so on, Westerns performed by all-woman casts, and so on. KERA received the KISHIDA Kunio Drama Award for Frozen Beach in 1999. He has also taken up the challenge of film directing with 1980.