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Japan Society
Japan Society, America's leading resource on Japan, is a private, nonprofit, nonpolitical institution offering programs in the arts, business, education and public affairs.

Since 1907, when a group of prominent New York City business people founded Japan Society, this nonprofit, nonpolitical institution has played a vital role in promoting the U.S.-Japan relationship. Most of the founding members remained active in Japan Society for many years, shaping the policies that guided it through the 1930s until the outbreak of World War II. After the war, Japan Society slowly resumed its activities, and under the stewardship of John D. Rockefeller III, who had a deep and abiding interest in Japan, it assumed its modern form, greatly expanding the range and volume of its programming.

Japan Society’s Performing Arts Program is the America's leading showcase for Japan's celebrated traditional performing arts and its vibrant contemporary dance, music and theater. Since it’s inception in 1953, the Performing Arts department has presented more than 500 programs at its own theater with 278 seats, and been committed to supporting new works by Japanese, American and Asian artists through collaborative projects and commissions.