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The Goethe Institut is an organization involved in supporting overseas German language education and promoting cultural exchange activities in under the auspices of the German government. With its headquarters in Munich and Bonn, the Institut as 125 associated offices and organizations in 76 countries. With the Tokyo German Culture Center (Goethe Institut Tokyo) as its base in Japan, the organization is involved in numerous cooperative German-Japanese programs and activities in tie-ups with other organizations in everything from the arts and culture to the sciences and technology. In the field of performing arts, it focuses efforts on the disseminating information through an Internet database with information of playwrights, choreographers, as well as providing a library of plays on its Web site. It organization will also be involved in a number of programs related to the “2005/2006 Deutschland in Japan,” which begins this spring. The main programs in the performing arts for this period include the following.

Cultural events for the “2005/2006 Deutschland in Japan”
Preparations are now under way for an international collaborative production of Yotsuya Kaidan produced by Japan-German Project Theater X, with the world premier planned for August, 2005. The director will be Jossi Wieler, known and respected for his work in both theater and opera. The stage art and costume design will be by Kazuko Watanabe, a Japanese national living in Berlin who also directs. In May of 2004, Watanabe drew attention by directing and acting in a production of Haruki Murakami’s Underground staged in the station of the Berlin subway system. The two are presently involved in preparations for the coming Yotsuya Kaidan production.

Other invited productions referred to the official Web site:

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