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The National Theater Association of Korea

The National Theater Association of Korea, Inc.
401, Yechong Hall 1-117 Dongsoongdong, Jongrogu
Seoul, Korea 110-765
Phone: +82-2-744-8055
Fax: +82-2-763-2087
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The National Theater Association of Korea  
The National Theater Association of Korea, Inc. is a theater association founded in 1963 to encourage the development of theater arts and promoting friendship and increased welfare benefits among its members. Incorporated under the Korean Federation of Cultural and Arts Organizations, the Association supports the activities of domestic theater companies in its membership and since 1977 has organized a theater festival (presently called the Seoul International Arts Festival, after several name changes) that also invites foreign productions.
From 1976 to 2000 the Association ran its Korea Theater Arts Awards program and in 1995 it organized a "Performance Planning Group," which handles poster hanging for the entire "University Road" theater district in Seoul. In 1996 the Association opened its "Ticket Box" box office sales outlets to serve as a commissioned ticket agent for theater tickets and the "Saran Ticket" discount ticket system.
The Association's main operations include (1) contributing to the improvement, replenishment and preservation of theater arts, (2) instruction and nurturing of theater talent and companies, (3) international exchange in theater, (4) organizing theater awards, (5) theater-related publishing, (6) peripheral operations related to performances and (7) other operations necessary to achieving its aims. The Association also publishes a theater magazine titled Korean Theater (monthly) since 1976.
According to information from 2000, the Association has 15 branches around the country and 56 regional organizations under its umbrella. Its members include 109 theater companies and 3,000 individuals.

Seoul International Arts Festival
This festival was held under the name Seoul Theater Festival until 1996. The festival is South Korea's largest with a schedule spans a month and a half and includes 20 invited productions from South Korea and abroad plus 15 "off-theater" productions. The festival budget is 284 million won (approx. 28.4 million yen), 55% of which comes in the form of support from the Institute for the Promotion of the Arts.