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Toyota Motor Corporation  
As one of Japan’s leading companies in the field of corporate philanthropy, Toyota Motor Corp. conducts a wide range of activities that contribute to society through the Corporate Citizenship and Communications Dept., of its Public Affairs Division. Since its founding, Toyota has made “Contributing to the enrichment of society through product creation and automobile manufacturing” one of its primary corporate principles. The long history of programs initiated under this philosophy include the Toyota Traffic Safety Campaign begun in 1969, the “Fureai Green Campaign” (Green Encounter Campaign) begun in 1976 and the Toyota Community Concert program begun in 1981. As the corporate philanthropy movement intensified in Japan in the late 1980s Toyota formed an internal “Community Care Committee” chaired by the company’s president (1989). The company’s social programs were further consolidated with the establishment of a “Community Care Principles” manifest in 1995. Today, Toyota remains known as one of the few corporations actively supporting the arts, especially in the field of cutting-edge contemporary arts.

At first, the company’s support activities were conducted primarily by making case-by-case decisions on funding requests brought to them by different organizations or programs, since around late 1990s, however, Toyota has begun to form partnerships with specialized organizations in each field and worked toward the “education and nurturing,” “grassroots expansion” and “stimulating community activities” in culture and the arts through primarily self-initiated programs. Among these self-initiated support programs is the Toyota Choreography Award organized in cooperation with the Setagaya Public Theater (launched in 2001 to encourage the spread of contemporary dance by supporting young choreographers), the “Toyota Children Meet Artists” program run through a tie-up with the NPO “ASIAS; Artist’s Studio In A School,” (launched in 2004, a program sending artists to schools to conduct special art workshops) and the “Toyota Art Management Seminars” aimed at nurturing personnel in the art management field (a program that ended in 2003 and is now replaced by an Internet information supply program).

Says Naoko Suzuki of the Corporate Citizenship and Communications Dept. of Toyota’s Public Affairs Division: “Mecenat (corporate philanthropy) is often said to be a “scrap and built” process, but what a corporation can do is to create an important opportunity. For example, in the case of our “Toyota Choreography Award” in the field of dance, where it is difficult to get a consensus in terms of evaluation of the artistic merit of works, it is difficult to recognize long-term results of a program where you are simply contributing funds as your form of support. So, instead of supporting the arts by just supplying funding for individual events, we are thinking of ways that we can help build the arts environment and help take artists to the next step in their careers. Our policy of pursuing self-initiated programs did not start from what we wanted to do from the beginning. Instead, we started by asking specialists and people on the scene how corporate mecenat could be helpful, and we had the idea of working to broaden the foundations in areas of the arts that other corporations were not supporting.” The programs that Toyota is now supporting on a self-initiated basis include the following.
Support for amateur musicians:
+Toyota Community Concerts
 Support for the amateur orchestras that provide music culture on the community level
+Toyota Music Library
 Free lending of musical scores of often performed pieces to amateur orchestras
Nurturing young musicians:
+Toyota Youth Orchestra Camps
 Study camps that bring top professional musicians to teach young people
+Toyota Children Meet Artists program‚˘
 A program that sends artists to schools to conduct special art workshops
Art management personnel training
+Net TAM program
 A comprehensive information Web site for the art management field
Communication with the locals
+Toyota Lobby Concerts
 Concerts using the lobby space of the Toyota’s Tokyo Headquarters for invited audiences from neighboring corporations and social welfare facilities
Support for young artist activities
+Toyota Choreography Award
 A contest to discover and develop young contemporary dance chorographers
Promotion of science and technology
+Toyota Collection
 Surveys and research of Japanese technologies from the pre-modern and modern eras
Non-monetary support
+Toyota Creative Space project
 A program that makes the gymnasium of the Toyota’s Tokyo Headquarters availably as a rehearsal space for young dancers and their organizations
Toyota Master Players series
+Toyota Master Players
 Concerts held nationwide through tie-ups with the Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic and Nagoya Philharmonic orchestras