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Japan-Korea Theatre Communications Center
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Japan-Korea Theatre Communications Center  
At the “Japan-Korea Theater People’s Conference” jointly organized by the Korean Theater Association and the Japan Directors Association, a proposal was presented for the formation of an organization to promote theater exchange between the two countries. As a result, in April of 2004 a “Japan-Korea Theater Exchange Center” (with offices in the Gekidan Seinen-za facility) and a “Korea-Japan Theater Exchange Center” were established respectively in Japan and South Korea.

The Japan-Korea Theater Exchange Center has begun operations with the participation of seven main domestic theater related organizations including the Japan Theater Company Association, the International Theater Association Japan Center, the Japan Directors Association, the Japan Playwrights Association, the International Theater Critics Association and the Japan New Theater Management and Producers Association. The main activities include translation of outstanding Japanese and Korean plays in cooperation with the Korea-Japan Theater Exchange Association and mutual introduction of works through biennial drama readings. In connection with this a volume titled Korean Contemporary Drama Collection has also been published. In addition, a newsletter titled Theatre Communications Korea-Japan is being published, information about Korea theater gathered and disseminated and an Internet home page operated.