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Finnish Dance Information Centre
Finnish Dance Information Centre
Bulevardi 23-27
FIN-00180 Helsinki
Tel. +385 (0) 9-612-1812
Fax. +385 (0) 9-612-1824

Dance Arena / Tanssiareena ry
Tallberginkatu 1 B/149
FIN-00180 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0) 9-694-6949
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Finnish Dance Information Centre  
The Finnish Dance Information Centre was founded in 1980. Its main activities include the constant gathering and disseminating of information about Finnish dance and promoting international dance collaborations. Through its various activities the Centre seeks to elevate the status of dance in Finnish society and seek ways to support its artistic development.

In particular, the Centre is making concerted efforts in the area of information, involving the free supply of information to artists and presenters about domestic and overseas festivals and dance performances, domestic teaching/support organizations and scholarships. The Centre also publishes magazines and operates a website.

The magazines are a quarterly titled Tanssi specializing in surveys and research concerning contemporary dance in Finland and an annual titled Finnish Dance in Focus introducing the Finnish dance scene. The Centre’s website is designed to provide an environment where anyone can easily access information about Finland’s dance companies, support organizations, various statistics about dance, event and performance schedules, theaters and halls. The Centre also organizes seminars and study groups.

The Centre has nine membership organizations for the different genre of dance, including contemporary dance, ballet, ethnic dance social dance, etc., and is establishing a network of performers in Finland as well as ties with major overseas dance companies and organizations.

In these ways, the Finnish Dance Information Centre is providing services accessible to anyone, pro and amateur, who has an interest in dance.

Founded in 2000, the federation of Finland’s main dance support organizations, Dance Arena, includes the Finnish Dance Information Centre along with the JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre, the Union of Finnish Dance Artists, The Theatre Centre and Zodiak - Center for New Dance and other organizations. The Dance Arena organizes festivals including Moving in November, Side Step Festival, Ruutia! festival for children and youth and others. It also provides funding and other forms of support for various domestic contemporary dance productions.