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The Ford Foundation 
    The Ford Foundation was founded in 1936 by the second president of the Ford Motor Company, Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford, its founder. The foundation operates on a global basis, offering grants totaling more than $15 billion distributed worldwide. The Ford Foundation was established to offer financial support aimed at promoting prosperity among the world’s people, and generous grants are offered to communities throughout the world whose goal is building and maintaining economic and political social systems that will promote and maintain peace, a sustainable environment, and social welfare.

    The Ford Foundation gives loans and administers grants to support knowledge and creativity for the solution of difficult and complicated problems, and to promote the activities of organizations and social groups from diverse backgrounds. All grant recipients work towards goals reflecting the Ford Foundation mission. Annually, 2000 proposals were accepted from the 44,000 submitted, and fiscal year 2007 assets valued at $13.7 billion.iOf those, totaling $55.7 million in grants were for Media, Arts and Culture[in 2006].j Ford Foundation headquarters are in New York City, and it has also offices in twelve other locations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Russia. The offices oversee support for activities of organizations in each of these regions. In addition, there are partnership organizations in Isreal and Eastern Europe whose work coincides with the Ford Foundation. In January 2008, Luis A. Ubinas was named as the ninth president of the Ford Foundation.

    The Foundation conducts three programs covering thirteen main fields. Media, Arts and culture are supported under the Knowledge, Creativity and Freedom Program. The policy for art and culture is as follows:
Fellowships for groups involved in traditional art or who are distinguished in modern art and which use creative processes.
Support for organizations working to promote greater public understanding of artists, and who provide a proper environment and infrastructure for artists and other creative activities.
Support of activities aimed at nurturing next-generation artists and audiences, with respect for the opinions of those around them.
Support of activities that give authority to indigenous peoples who share their history, culture, and modern-day lives.
Support of organizations that offer physical space and in society for artists and others pursuing cultural activities.
Support of cultural educational institutions promoting reform in their localities using creativity and multidimensional cultural ways of thinking.
Support of collaborations with other foundations aimed at nurturing new talent.
+Ford Foundation Programs and Major Fields
Asset Building and Community Development Program
  Community and Resource Development Unit
    • Community Development
    • Environment and Development
  Economic Development Unit
    • Development Finance and Economic Security
    • Workforce Development

Peace and Social Justice Program
  Governance and Civil Society Unit
    • Civil Society
    • Governance
  Human Rights Unit
    • Human Rights

Knowledge, Creativity and Freedom Program
  Education, Sexuality and Religion Unit
    • Education and Scholarship
    • Religion, Society and Culture
  Media, Arts and Culture Unit
    • Arts and Culture
    • Media

Cross-Program field (Programs which are pertinent to more than one of the above programs)
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Sexuality and Reproductive Health

    The Ford Foundation also offers Signature Initiatives to groups pursuing long-term activities in certain fields. It makes regular contributions to independent groups that are run according to the Ford Foundation policies. These include GrantCraft (, International Fellowships Program (, and the United States Artists ( The programs are run by Ford Foundation headquarters, as well as vice-chairs, directors, and program officers in regional offices.