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The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation

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The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation 
    The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation was established in December of 1983 with the approval of the Foreign Ministry of Japan for the purpose of promoting cultural exchange and encourage mutual understanding and trust between the people of the two countries. Since then, the Foundation has supported people-to-people exchange between the two countries through such programs as organizing Japan-Korea/Korea-Japan academic conferences and sending groups to S. Korea for exchange in the arts and culture, while also placing importance on promoting intellectual exchange and providing grants to support joint Japan-Korea productions in the arts.

    Until now there have been numerous programs actively promoting various forms of exchange between the two countries, such as those organized for The Year of Japan-ROK National Exchange in 2002 established to commemorate the joint holding of Football World Cup by the two countries that year and for the Japan-Korea Friendship Year 2005, which commemorated the 40th anniversary of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea. Today, The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation engages in a wide variety of activities including those of the Japan-Korea Academic Culture Youth Exchange Program at the request of the Japanese government, programs for receiving and sending university students and instructors, fellowship programs and the Japan-Korea Peace and Friendship Planning Program, as well as grant programs, an Book Center program and also the Japan-Korea Joint Research Forum and a publishing program for books in translation.

    The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation is financed by an endowment administrated by the Japan-Korea Parliamentarians’ Union and the Japan Business Federation and its self-administered funds deriving from membership fees from the sustaining membership system established in 2005.

    In the arts, the Foundation actively supports programs for Japan-Korea collaborations to create and produce works and programs that include open participation components such as workshops. Applications for grants for these programs must be made from a Japan-based organization and the allotted grants cover transportation and lodging expenses, facility rentals, interpretation, etc., for projects full-fledged arts performances, exhibitions and collaborations by arts professionals in Japan or S. Korea that lead to positive people-to-people exchanges. The current grant application period (Jan. 5-30, 2009) has been for projects planned for the period from April 2009 to March 2010.
+Main Programs

Youth Exchange
Exchange programs sending and receiving groups of young people who will be the leaders of the next generation between the two countries with the aim of building mutual understanding through encounters with the other country’s society and people-to-people discourse.

Grant Programs
To support private-sector people-to-people exchange programs between Japan and S. Korea, the Foundation offers grants in the three areas of (1) grassroots youth exchanges, (2) symposiums and international conferences and (3) exchanges in the arts. Also, as part of the Japan-Korea Joint Future Project launched by the two countries’ governments in 2003, the Foundation selects projects from among its applicants for grants for people-to-people exchange programs that have objectives in line with the Japan-Korea Joint Future Project and actively supports them under that Project’s designation. Also, it supports the publication of academic periodicals.

These fellowships aid primarily younger generation Korean researchers studying Japanese subjects and Japanese researchers studying Korean subjects, by helping pay the expenses of their stays for research purposes in the other country.

Conference Programs
The Foundation provides administrative and organizational services for conferences between influential figures in the areas of arts exchange and academic research.

Information, Publication
The Foundation works to disseminate information by gathering information regarding Japan-Korea relations or understanding of South and North Korea, operating a book center and website and publishing books in translation.

Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation Missions to S. Korea, Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation Awards
Once a year a mission of Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation administrators and cultural figures is sent to S. Korea. A Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation Award is given to Korean figures who have made special contributions in the field of Japan-Korea cultural exchange.