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National Culture and Arts Foundation 
The National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) was established in January 1996 under the jurisdiction of the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA), the agency entrusted with carrying out the cultural policies of Taiwan. With a starting endowment of NT$6 billion (approx. USD 171 million) provided by the CCA under a government act, the Measures for the Establishment of the NCAF, and additional fund-raising in the private sector, the NCAF became Taiwan’s first public foundation for the arts and culture.
 The broad-ranging activities of the NCAF are divided into four broad categories of “Grants,” “Awards,” “Research and development” and “Promotion,” and through these the Foundation aims to actively guide, assist and create an exhibition and performance environment that benefits individuals working in the area of art and culture. It also encourages long-term creative work in the arts and the promotion of art and culture education and the nurturing of artists with the aim of enhancing standards across Taiwan.

The NCAF has a Board of Directors selected by the CCA from local art and cultural circles, scholars, experts, representatives of related government agencies and social luminaries, who are then appointed by the Premier.

The NCAF’s main focus is on grant funding with the aim of encouraging and supporting individuals and groups engaged in highly creative and innovative activities in the field of art and culture. To this end, the NCAF offers assistance in a wide range of areas: literature, fine art, music, drama, dance, traditional arts, media art and art-culture development. In accordance with current trends, the Foundation encourages innovation in a variety of forms that constitute breakthroughs or are experimental and representative of new ideas.

Some 85% of the grants given by NCAF are for long-term projects and the rest is for “project grants.” In both cases these grants are given to individuals and groups engage in creative work, exhibitions/performances, programs of advanced study, surveys/research, translation and publishing works, etc., in the above-mentioned fields. Grant applications are accepted on a regular basis and the average amount given out for a long-term grant in 2007 was NT$165,052 (approx. USD 4,702), while for project grants the average was NT$642,903 (approx. USD 18,316).
+Grant Program

Long-term Grants
Applications are accepted in January and June each year. In principle, the NCAF provides grants to Taiwan citizens or licensed groups. In the field of performing arts, grants are offered for various art exhibitions, performance art works and cross-discipline creative pieces with the aim of giving the public greater opportunities to appreciate art and culture. In the area of international cultural exchange grants are given with the aim of encouraging the private sector to invite internationally renowned artists or art groups to perform in Taiwan audiences. Grants are also provided to individuals and groups from Taiwan to take part in overseas art exhibitions and performances.

Project Grants
To supplement the above-mentioned long-term grant program, the Project Grant program was established in 2003 to enable more flexible grant response to the very latest developments in creative activities in the field of art and culture.
 In the performing arts field there are three programs aimed at supporting activities of higher quality.
The Pursuit of Excellence in the Performing Arts
The main focus of this project is to assist outstanding local performance groups and artists, overcome funding, time and creativity problems through cooperation between NAFC and the private sector in local communities. In addition to two-year grants, there is an advisory group to help the production team resolve problems.
Performing Arts Feature Revival Project
This program gives companies with highly acclaimed works to tour and bring their performances to a larger audience.
Performance Art Marketing Project
In order to counter the tendency for the arts to be concentrated in Taipei, this program helps regional companies attract an audience for performance art at local levels as well as helping them improve ticket sales across Taiwan.