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Trans Artists

Arie Biemondstraat 105
1054 PD Amsterdam
Phone: +31-20-6127400
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Trans Artists 
Trans Artists is an independent organization in the Netherlands supplying information and advice about residence type artistic programs, including international artist-in-residence (AIR) programs, programs providing artist studios and programs soliciting artists. At the time of its launch in 1997 Trans Artists was a small organization providing information primarily to visual artists, but today it supplies information about AIR programs to artists worldwide in all genre of the arts, including the performing arts.

Trans Artists shares offices with the international NPO/NGO “res artis” (, a network of organizations and arts centers involved in AIR and the two assume separate fundamental roles, with Trans Artists supplying information to artists interested in participating in AIR programs and res artis devoting efforts to networking between organizers of AIR programs with the aim of promoting the growth and development of their programs.

The mechanism for supplying information is one of creating a database concerning AIR programs in the various countries and making it available on the internet. Today, the Trans Artists website is one of the most complete sources of information on AIR programs, and it now accepts external requests to post information. The total access count for 2007 was 1,939,146. The organization also provides consultations (on appointment) at its Amsterdam office and holds workshops to teach artists how to choose and apply for an appropriate AIR.

In 2008, Trans Artists created a network of arts administrators and art schools around Europe called “The Prologue,” and through it holds workshops in locations outside the Netherlands. It has also continued to conduct its “Pool” and “Platform AIR nl” projects since 2004, providing studios in the Netherlands and the Flanders region for overseas artists.

*Additional Information
In September 2009, a project called "Japan 'FAiR' for introducing Japanese residencies and their 'J-AiR network' to the Dutch art field will be organized.