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Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC)

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May. 15, 2012
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) 
The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture was founded in March of 2004 with an investment of 127 billion Korean won for the purpose of enriching the lives of the people of the South Korean capital (officially Seoul Special City) through the arts and stimulating the city’s economy. The foundation engages in a wide range of programs including grants for the arts, arts education, arts/culture programs, operating facilities with creative spaces for artists and the organizing of arts festivals. Another distinguishing aspect of the foundation’s activities besides this general for the arts is its use of historical buildings to provide artists with residence facilities and studios for creating works. It also actively supports social business organizations involved in the arts.

Support for the Arts
SFAC provides grants and other forms of support in the various genres of performing arts, fine arts, visual arts traditional arts, literature, etc., to the citizens and the artists.
 Among the regularly held grant programs for supporting arts and culture projects for citizens are the “Support of citizens’ arts and culture” and “Grants for arts festivals,” while for supporting arts professionals there are the “Grants for arts creation,” “Support for publication & study for arts” and the “Support for Seoul arts festivals” programs.
 Additional special programs include the “Share Arts, Share Hope (Ye-sool-ro Hee-mang-Dream)” program for underprivileged children, a “Support for residence programs of arts troupes” that encourages and nurtures relationships between arts companies and theaters, the “NArT incubating program” that supports world-class artists and companies by providing comprehensive programs of support that begin with providing spaces for creative work and follows through to providing the eventual performance venue and for festivals in Seoul a program for “Production & interchange of arts festival contents.”
 The Foundation also offers multifaceted support for social business ventures in the arts under its program for “Seoul culture corporation nurturing support” by providing support for publicity and marketing, support for encouraging outstanding social models, organizing Seoul cultural entrepreneurship academy courses, organizing cultural entrepreneur networking forums, information services and more.

Arts Education
In order to enrich the lives of Seoul’s citizens, SFAC operates a number of educational programs for schools, programs aimed at training arts professionals and programs to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the citizens imaginative. Moreover, SFAC is providing various international education projects for creative culture and arts in partnership with Lincoln Center Institute for arts in education (LCI) based on strategic alliance between SFAC and LCI. The foundation also runs a Seoul Culture and Arts Education Center and a Culture and Arts Education Resource Center.

Culture Projects
Among SFAC’s cultures projects is the cultural reading campaign “Seoulites, Read and Lead,” a visiting cultural performance service which provides opportunities for high quality cultural performances and education for culturally under-privileged classes in difficult environments, regions, and facilities named “Sharing Culture with our love in Seoul,” a program that uses places like school grounds as event sites that bring culture experiences closer to the people named “Building playgrounds with culture,” a program designed to get people explore the city’s cultural assets through architecture, art, literature, movies and museums named “Exploring for Cultural Assets of Seoul,” a program started to allow selected street artists to freely conduct performance art activities named “Seoul Street Artists” and organizes a “Seoul Spring Festival of Chamber Music.”

Operating Facilities with Creative Spaces
An SFAC Cultural Space Committee was set up and now operates creative spaces at eight locations around the city. Among these, the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon and Seoul Art Space Mullae, etc., have residency facilities where artists from overseas are invited to stay. The Seoul Art Space Sindang has the Sindang Creative Arcade utilizing a renovated market area that provides studio space for a variety of artists.
 SFAC also operates the Namsan Arts Center with its theater facility for performance arts, the Seoul Theater Center providing information on performances, venues, reservation services and related materials through its website, the Daehakro Practice Rooms, providing six studio spaces for artists’ use, the Namsan Creative Center with a large-size cultural space to provide a creative environment for grand-size stage performances such as musicals and opera, and the Chaek DaBang Book Café where visitors can enjoy reading in an artistic atmosphere.

SFAC organizes the Hi Seoul Festival that is now one of Seoul’s representative festivals held on parks along the central Han River, the Cheonggye Art Festival that uses the Cheonggyecheon promenade strip as its main venue, the Seoul Festival of Lights that warms the hearts of the citizens in winter with beautiful illumination projects and the Royal Palace Musical Performance project that uses venues in the city’s ancient palaces.