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Jun. 6, 2012
The Korea Foundation 
The Korea Foundation is an agency founded with the authorization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in December of 1991 and adopting a mission to promote better understanding of Korea within the international community and to increase friendship and goodwill between Korea and the rest of the world through various exchange programs. It is organized into a Management Innovation Dept., a Media & Public Relations center, a Human Resources & General Affairs Dept., a Korean Studies Dept., a Culture & Arts Dept. and a Public Diplomacy Dept. and it maintains overseas offices in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Moscow, Berlin and Hanoi.
The Foundation’s main activities include organizing, supporting and participating in various events aimed at fostering international exchange, dispatching and inviting specialists for the purpose of encouraging international exchange, supporting overseas research on Korea and distributing the results of such research, engaging in various activities aimed at promoting knowledge and understanding of Korea within the international community, promoting friendship and goodwill between Korea and the rest of the world via exchange and cooperation with major overseas international exchange organizations and supports activities by overseas Korean organizations.
The Foundation’s activities in the realm of international exchange are focused mainly on Korean studies, Korean language education and academic exchanges, while exchange in the areas of arts and culture, including the performing arts are primarily the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Support for Korean Studies Overseas
- Operation of Korean Studies Courses
To expand the academic infrastructure for research and education in Korean Studies, KF helps to create Korean Studies related courses in leading universities overseas.
- Korean Studies Programs and Activities
To promote the discipline of Korean Studies and increase the level of cooperation and exchange between Korean Studies scholars, KF provides support for academic conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars.
- Fellowships (Support for individual scholars)
To foster future generations of Korean Studies scholars, KF conducts fellowship programs to financially assist young scholars engaged in research projects in various areas and at various levels.
- Korean Studies Workshops
KF offers educators in Korean Studies from overseas institutions the opportunities to acquire knowledge and information that will be useful in their educational activities.

Cultural & Arts Exchange
- Support for Overseas Museums
KF cooperates with leading museums and art galleries around the world to facilitate the global community’s access to Korean culture and arts, and helps nurture specialists in the field through joint projects.
- Showcasing Korean Culture and Arts Overseas
In an effort to promote cooperation and exchanges between Korea and other countries around the globe, KF hosts a variety of culture and arts events such as performances and exhibitions.
- KF Cultural Center
The KF Cultural Center provides Koreans with opportunities to learn about the cultures of other parts of the world, while simultaneously serving as a platform for cultural and arts exchanges between Korea and the global community.

Public Diplomacy
- Intellectual Exchange
KF promotes intellectual exchange exchanges by inviting leading public figures, next-generation leaders and young people to Korea and dispatching leading figures and young people from Korea to the rest of the world.
- Forums
KF operates the Korea Foundation Forums by country as a part of the effort to set up an HR network comprising leading figures and experts from both Korea and overseas to help promote mutual understanding.
- Policy-oriented Research on Korea
KF supports overseas policy research in an effort to deepen understanding of Korea by providing support for overseas think tanks and international exchange organizations committed to Korea-related research, academic conferences on Korean issues and related publications.
- Support for Diplomatic NGOs
To encourage international academic exchanges, KF provides support for international academic conferences hosted by Korean academic and research institutions and other organizations.

Publications & Mediav
- Books on Korea
KF publishes books on various Korea-related issues in several foreign languages to help readers deepen their understanding of Korean culture.
- Videos on Korea
KF produces videos on subjects including Korean culture, society and life.
- Support for Korean Studies Resources
KF provides support for acquiring Korean Studies resources such as books and video published and produced in Korea or abroad.
- Support for Publications
KF support the publication of books in foreign languages that are regarded as useful for deepening understanding of Korean culture.