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European Dancehouse Network (EDN)
European Dancehouse Network (EDN)

EDN Office c/o tanzhaus nrw
Erkrather Straße 30 D - 40 233 Düsseldorf - Germany
Phone: + 49 (0) 211 17 270-12
Fax: + 49 (0) 211 17 270-37
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Aug. 11, 2012
European Dancehouse Network (EDN) 
European Dancehouse Network (EDN) is a cooperative organization of dance-specific theaters, dance houses and dance research organizations, etc., throughout Europe that operates with the mission of promoting and supporting the professional development of dance artists (dancers and choreographers) as well as dance as an art form by using the experience and strengths of each network-partner.
EDN currently has 16 network members and eight affiliated members. The organization operates out of offices at tanzhaus nrw in Dusseldorf, Germany and through its network conducts cross-border collaborations and projects that are difficult for its member organizations in 15 countries in an outside the EU to conduct independently. The 15 countries involved include France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, the UK, and others. The current Director of EDN is Bertram Mueller .
+ List of EDN member organizations/agencies
Among EDN’s main programs is the Modul-dance project launched in June of 2010 (with plans to continue until Dec. 2014) in cooperation with an initiative led by Barcelona’s Mercat de les Flors in Spain. The project is organized as a modular system to facilitate the creative working process of each artist. The EDN network offers every participating artist (dancers, choreographers) the possibility of going through four module phases, i.e. research, residency, production and presentation of the works. During the course of the project (2010-14), plans call for at least 40 choreographers to be supported by the project, approximately 500 artists participating in international exchange and presentation to be involved, and at least 400 presentations of their works to be shown throughout Europe. The total project cost is 4.345.000 Euro (approx. 4.2 billion yen), with 50% of the funding coming from the European Commission’s Education Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) under the Culture Programme 2007-13. Also, a pre-modular program, carte blanche is offered to promising young artists to complete a short residency at one project partner’s dance house. In parallel to this modular process additional artistic program are being organized, such as conferences, artists’ think tanks, film screenings, roadshow activities and festivals.
Profiles, videos of works, performance information and progress reports on the artists currently participating in the Modul-dance project can be seen on the Modul-dance website below.