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Nov. 12, 2012
Res Artis 
Res Artis was founded in 1993 in response to an initiative by Michael Haerdter to create a worldwide networking organization for artist in residence (AIR) programs. Two years later it received non-profit organization (NPO) status as the Res Artis Foundation in the Netherlands and began operations.
As of 2012, the organization has a membership of over 400 facilities, organizations and individuals involved in 2012 artist in residence (AIR) programs in 50 countries.
For artists today, international art residence programs that provide support in the form of residence locations with facilities and conditions conducive to creative work, the mobility that makes it possible to deepen understanding of different cultures and support for the exchange of information are increasingly important. Res Artis serves as a global AIR information center by gathering information about AIR programs around the world along with application information and addresses to be posted on its website, and also by publishing an e-mail newsletter once every two month (in English, Spanish and French).
As of September 2012, there is information about some 354 residency programs in 61 countries on the Res Artis website databank ( In addition to residency programs, the website provides links to 21 associated member organizations in the field of arts and culture ( The database is constantly updated to enable regular supply of information to member organizations, the Res Artis Board of Directors and individual members.
Furthermore, biennial global Res Artis General Meetings are held on a rotating basis in member countries to enable direct exchanges between members. The 2012 General Meeting was held in Tokyo.
+Objectives of Res Artis
- To encourage an understanding of the work of residential arts centers and their catalytic role in the development of art and ideas in the contemporary world
- To collect and provide information on residential arts centers and programs
- To represent the interest of members and artists to governmental and non-governmental agencies, international organizations, foundations, and to the corporate sector
- To provide members with a network of peers and a centralized referral system from whom they may access expertise and advice in response to their evolving needs
- To encourage and assist in the development of new residential arts centers, particularly in regions where there are no such resources or where such resources are scarce
- To hold Biennial General Meetings at which issues of interest to its members are addressed