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(Khadija El Bennauoi)
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Feb. 28, 2013
Art Moves Africa (AMA) 
Art Moves Africa (AMA) is an international not-for-profit organization that aims to facilitate cultural and artistic exchanges within the African continent. AMA offers travel funds to artists, arts professionals and cultural operators living and working in Africa to travel within the African continent in order to engage in the exchange of information, the enhancement of skills, the development of informal networks, and the pursuit of cooperation. In 2001, the Young Arab Theatre Fund (YATF) participated in meetings in Egypt, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, together with different organizations and cultural activists from Africa and the Arab world. The meetings aimed at linking organizations and individuals, and at creating informal continent-wide networks. The participants agreed that one of the major obstacles for artists and cultural professionals in Africa was the persistent lack of funds specifically allocated to support travel. This prompted the decision was made to create an unofficial and continent-wide network to help connect the organizations and individuals. AMA was then launched in 2005 as an independent program initiated by YATF to facilitate and encourage the mobility of artists and cultural operators within the African continent.
For its main grant giving program, AMA divides Africa into the five regions of Central Africa, East and West Africa, Southern Africa and North Africa and provide support for travel to participate in festivals, biennials, artist residencies, productions, touring, workshops and professional development meetings in the areas of the performing and visual arts, music, cinema, literature, and cultural advocacy. Applications for the grants are accepted three times a year in January, May and September.
In addition to the grant program, AMA created a virtual platform offering information on the arts and culture in Africa called Mobility Hub Africa ( consisting of a database of information from some 500 groups having received support until now. In connection with this, the African Mobility Think Tank was established in 2010 as a series of two-day practical workshops, and in 2011 a research project on the performing arts sector in East Africa named Mobility & Touring in East Africa was established. Through these programs AMA works to supply the latest information about the arts and culture environment in Africa.
Funding for the operation of AMA currently comes from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in the USA, Portugal’s largest private sector foundation, the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and the European arts support organizations Mimeta and the Netherland’s Doen Foundation.
+AMA Objectives
- Encourage artists and cultural operators to work towards shared projects and artistic collaborations across the continent
- Provide the opportunities for artists and cultural operators to gain more knowledge of the diverse contexts and the cultural environments of the African continent
- Encourage independent initiatives, small projects and participation in highly professional artistic and arts management workshops, seminars and residencies for artists
- Encourage the attendance of festivals that provide artists and cultural operators with the opportunity to gain wider exposure and enrich their own creativity
- Develop methodologies to increase access to information and knowledge on arts and culture within Africa