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Apr. 21, 2014
Artist Trust 
Artist Trust is a non-profit grant organization in the state of Washington in the northwestern United States. It was founded in 1987 with the mission to directly support and encourage individual artists of Washington State working in all disciplines, based on the belief that it is the individual artists that create art. Since its founding, Artist Trust has provided support for many artists under the motto of “Be a creative catalyst.”
Artist Trust provides support for artists in the three main categories of Grants + Awards + Residencies, Creative Career Center and Professional Resources.
Grants + Awards + Residencies: Grants are provided for artists in Washington and the Northwest in the fine arts, theater, dance, film, literature and other genre. Offered are array of grants ranging from project grants and scholarships to residencies, some with very specific requirements, such as one for “a Washington State female visual artist, age 60 or over, who has dedicated 25 or more years of her life to creating art” and another for “artists who demonstrate innovation in their art” and have “a minimum of three years in professional art practice.” In 2012, 84 artists in five fields received a total of $280,000. In the 25 years from the organization’s founding to 2012, a total of $10 million in grants have been given to artists.
Creative Career Center: This program offers artists the support to launch and sustain successful careers with a variety of career-training workshops and resources, ranging from a 50-hour comprehensive survey of professional arts practices for emerging or mid-career artists in the fine arts or literature, to two-hour workshops and webinars that provide vital tips on preparing a strong grant application or the essentials of presenting art work. Some 500 artists participate in these programs annually.
Professional Resources: This is a source for professional development information that artists can use to search for information on artistic activities, funding, residencies, work opportunities, work space and rehearsal venues and lists of living facilities. It also provides vital information on healthcare, legal issues, emergency assistance programs and more.
With a total annual budget of $1 million, Artist Trust is also working to build a network and form communities that will help expand support for artists through activities held around the state including the “Meet the artists” events in which former fellowship recipients make presentations and “Meet Our Supporters” meetings that bring together individuals and organizations involved in supporting artists. In addition, there are unique programs such as one that designates “Artist Trust Ambassadors” who serve as bridges between the communities, and there is a Members system for people who want to support artists beginning with donations of $45 (every year more than 1,000 people register as artist members and work in activities to connect the artists and the society).