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Tanzlabor_21/ Tanzbasis Frankfurt_Rhein_Main
Mareike Uhl | Ida Farkas | Felix Graf
c/o Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Waldschmidtstr. 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 69 405895-64
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Aug. 7, 2014
Tanzlabor_21 is a dance platform that was created originally in Frankfurt in 2006 as part of a five-year funding program by Tanzplan Deutschland, an initiative of Germany’s Federal Cultural Foundation. In German, labor means a laboratory or research institute and Tanzlabor_21 has continued to work through its multiple and interrelated programs to successfully develop dance as a contemporary art form and help give it a more prominent role in public life in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region.
The three pillars of the Tanzlabor_21 programs are the Artist in Residence program, workshops and training for the dance artists and educational and outreach programs. After the main funding program by Tanzplan Deutschland ended in 2010, Tanzlabor_21 has continued and even further diversified its activities thanks to the support of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and other organizations. The current directing team consists of Prof. Dieter Heitkamp (Frankfurt University for Music and Performing Arts), Matthias Pees (artistic director of Frankfurt’s Künstlerhaus Mousonturm theater) and Gerald Siegmund (professor of the Institute for Applied Theater Studies at the University Giessen), and the programs are implemented by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in cooperation with the neighboring universities.
In the Artist in Residence program, around three residencies are awarded for dance productions each year, and residencies are awarded to both domestic and international artists. The resident artists receive studio and rehearsal space at Z, Centre for Research and Rehearsals or the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, as well as a production budget. And, at the end of the residency there is the possibility of a showing. The deadline for applications for residencies is in the middle of August. There is also a grant program for cooperative projects for international artists, for which applications are accepted anytime throughout the year.
The workshop program for artists offers cultural and artistic education and workshops a range of other subjects that contribute to dance creation, such as workshops in writing about dance and workshops about finding new ideas. There is also a “Professional Training” program offering intensive short-term training sessions for professional dancers called held by resident choreographers and dancers as well as by international guest teachers. In addition there is a workshop and consulting program regarding management to help artists develop their careers.
The educational and outreach programs provide many opportunities for large numbers of people throughout the region to come in contact with dance culture with a primary focus on contemporary dance. One of these is the “Dance in Schools” program that sends choreographers to schools to teach, another is the Club_21 program that offers serious dance education for young people in the 14 to 24 age group. Also among the rich variety of programs are workshops for instructors such as school teachers and a “Audience Warm-up” program held before performances to help give the audience a better understanding of the works they will see.