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European Network of Information Centres for Performing Arts (ENICPA)
European Network of Information Centres for Performing Arts (ENICPA)

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Apr. 6, 2015
European Network of Information Centres for Performing Arts (ENICPA) 
European Network of Information Centres for Performing Arts was established in 1999 as a network of specialists from Europe in the field of performing arts information, documentation and collections based in Brussels. The aim of the network is to train these professionals by sharing expertise and knowledge. The member organizations meet once a year to exchange information about working visions, ideas and information technology and launch projects to get out the latest information about trends in the performing arts primarily for the European region.
ENICPA is also involved in numerous publishing projects. Among recent publications are a book series that documents significant contemporary theatrical design worldwide since 1975 titled World Scenography (co-edited by Peter McKinnon and Eric Fielding) and the online publication titled Perspective: Young Audience ( that informs younger audiences about the international arts projects in the Flanders region of Belgium, trends in the performing arts, prominent producers and more.
Among ENICPA projects for disseminating information is Performing Arts Central Europe – Visegrad Countries Focus (PACE.V4), which has been active since 2013. The aim of this project is to get out information about the latest trends in contemporary theater, contemporary music and contemporary dance in the four Visegrad countries (Czech Rep., Slovakia, Poland and Hungary), which recently led to a trip by artists from these four countries to Japan in February of 2015 to give presentations at TPAM under the title “Keep PACE with Japan.”
There are currently about 30 ENICPA member organizations. Among the main ones are VTi – Vlaams Theater Instituut (Belgium), Dansehallerne (Denmark), Cisinfo Finland (Finland), ITI Germany (Germany), Russian Theatre Union (Russia), Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute (Poland), Centre de Documentaciò Museu de les Arts Escèniques (Spain), Irish Theatre Institute (Ireland), Instituto Addestramento Lavoratori dello Spettacolo (Italy), Performing Arts Hub Norway (Norway), Dance Info Norway (Norway), Dance Info Finland (Finland) Centre national de la danse – Mèdiathèque (France), The Theatre Institute Brastilava (Slovakia), and others.
ENICPA is also increasingly involved in the digitalization of information for dissemination and archiving, and from the Databases pages of the ENICPA website you can download webzines about major festivals and performing arts companies in countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and Finland, among others.