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Kaaitheater, Project leader of IMAGINE 2020
Address: Akenkaai 21000 Brussel Belgium
Phone: + 32 (0)2 201.58.58
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May. 1, 2015
IMAGINE 2020 is a network of European performing arts venues and festivals that support artistic work that explore causes and effects of the global issue of climate change. Serving as the project leader is Kaaitheater of Brussels. The network’s participating members are progressive performing arts organizations based around Europe that seek to make effective use of creative expression in programs aimed at bringing about a revolution in consciousness concerning the environment. One of the organization’s specific objectives is to formulate by the year 2020 a more sustainable vision for the future.
Participating in the Imagine 2020 network are eleven organizations from nine European countries, including Kaaitheater (Belgium), Artsadmin (U.K.), Bunker (Slovenia), Domino (Croatia), Kampnagel (Germany), Le Quai (France), LIFT (U.K.), New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Latvia), Queer Zagreb (Croatia), Rotterdamse Schouwburg (The Netherlands) and Transforma (Portugal).
In recent years, contemporary arts in Europe have consistently dealt with actual social issues and kept pace with the realities of contemporary life. Based on the beliefs that climate change and other environmental issues are one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century and that all artistic activities will become unviable if we ignore the Earth that literally provides the foundation for all human activities, the member arts organizations of IMAGINE 2020 engages in programs supporting arts creation, festivals like the Festival of Ideas, educational programs such as IMAGINE 2020 Summer Lab, networking programs such as Green Drinks and awards programs like the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award for environmentally conscious arts activities.
The network’s main programs are divided into four areas under the key words “Create,” for the creation of works dealing with environmental issues, and especially climate change, “Learn,” for programs that take creative, fun and educational approaches to involvement in environmental issues, “Improve,” for programs to improve the ecological orientation of the working environment of people working in the arts world, and “Expand,” for programs designed to connect more people to initiatives, programs, and organizations that address climate change and sustainability. Some of these programs are conducted in connection with the theaters or festival run by IMAGINE 2020’s member organizations, while others are conducted in a way that involves multiple municipalities. Also offered in downloadable form the IMAGINE 2020 website is a “Green Toolkit” ( providing guidelines for improving the greenness of the activities of organizations involved in the performing arts in areas ranging from overseas tours to lighting technology, marketing and catering. In addition to funding procured specifically for individual projects in these wide-ranging areas, IMAGINE 2020 is funded with support from the European Union.
Going forward, IMAGINE 2020 is hoping to recruit new partners in Europe and across the Mediterranean countries to broaden the geographical scope of the actions.