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Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions (EARS)

EARS – Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions Ltd
Co. Pluto Finland
Fabianinkatu 4 b 11
00130 Helsinki
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Nov. 30, 2015
Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions (EARS) 
Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions (EARS) is a communication platform gathering professionals in the creative industries of Europe and Asia who seek future collaborations and business opportunities, and operating with support from Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture and other organizations. with the support of. The EARS administrative offices are located within Pluto Finland in Helsinki, Finland. Since its founding in 2012, EARS has conducted seven roundtable sessions (including ones in Shanghai and Beijing, China in 2014 and the most recent one in August 2015 in Helsinki).
The 4-day roundtable session events have a program including lectures and symposiums, roundtable discussions, networking sessions, business visits to related corporations and more. The participants are not only performing arts professionals and presenters but also a wide range of people from the music, literature, media and design fields.
The primary aim of EARS is to offer a platform where people from the countries of Asia and Europe, with all their apparent differences in culture, language, customs and philosophy, can meet in a casual atmosphere to talk, get to know each other and deepen mutual understanding. And in recent years, numerous projects connecting Europe and Asia have emerged from this platform.
One example is the Modern Sky Festival held in Helsinki for the first time during the recent EARS roundtable sessions event thanks to a tie-up between the Helsinki Festival and the Live Music Association Elmu Ry and China’s Modern Sky Entertainment (of Chinese popular music as China’s largest independent record label pioneer alternative rock and pop and a leading festival promoter).
EARS session speakers from Japan until now have included the director of the TPAM (Tokyo Performing Arts Market, Hiromi Maruoka, chief curator of the Tokyo comprehensive arts and culture complex Spiral, Tsutomu Okada, and others. At the recent Helsinki event participants from East Asia included Sehoon Chang, head of the animation department of leading South Korean entertainment company CJ; Jong-ho Lee, director of the South Korea’s leading contemporary dance festival, SIDANCE; and Anna Cy Chan, head of artistic development, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.