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Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres (AAPPAC)
Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres (AAPPAC)

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Apr. 25, 2016
Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres (AAPPAC) 
The Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres AAPPAC is a membership-type organization with the mission of building a network of arts and culture centers in the Asia-Pacific region and promoting exchanges of programs, human resources and information in order to strengthen partnerships and advance professional specialization in the region’s performing arts. The Association was formed in 1996 through cooperative action by performing arts centers in the Asia-Pacific region. The head office is located in Singapore’s Esplanade Theatres on the Bay complex.
The full members include 39 performing arts and culture facilities from around the Asia-Pacific region, and among the other participating members are 71 organizations from 20 countries in the region. The full members from Japan are the Suntory Hall and the Aichi Arts Center.
For its full members, AAPPAC provides online database access to information about personnel training programs and consulting services and the register of program directors, etc., as well as the right to participate in the regularly held conferences. Through its regularly distributed newsletter and maintaining a large supply of information of all types on its website, AAPPAC also serves as a platform for promoting oportunities for exchanges throughout the region.
The quarterly newsletter contains information about each season’s performances and festivals, reviews of arts program inside and outside the region, news about arts policy, arts facilities and exchanges between facilities and interviews serving as introductions of members, all complete with photographs. The AAPPAC website (in English and Chinese) provides the latest information about events and personnel, lists of member facilities and organizations, etc., and the latest performing arts-related news from inside and outside the Asia-Pacific region. The newsletter can also be accessed on the website.
The AAPPAC conferences that are held annually in different cities since 1996, hosted by the full members on a rotating basis. At these conferences the hosting facility’s CEOs and program directors share their experience and know-how with the other members and meetings are held to provide opportunities for exchange and networking between programs and personnel. The venue for the 2015 conference as the newly opened Tongyeong Concert Hall in South Korea, and more than 100 representatives from 16 countries participated. Under a theme of “Destination 2020 - Perspectives, Visions and Potentials for the Performing Arts” the conference agenda included six sessions dedicated to discussions on such subjects as the current state of affairs at Arts and Music Education, the changing role of arts centers in our communities and ticketing and database possibilities and featuring speakers from countries around the world in the arts managing field and performance artists. During the conference there were also performances centering primarily on Korean music and dance.
The 2016 conference will be hosted by Australia’s Adelaide Festival Centre and planned for the dates of September 28 to 30.