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Komunitas Salihara
Komunitas Salihara

Komunitas Salihara
Jl. Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu Jakarta Selatan 12520
Tel: +62 21-789-1202
Fax: +62 21-781-8849
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Nov. 6, 2017
Komunitas Salihara 
Komunitas Salihara is a privately run comprehensive arts center presenting programs of multidisciplinary arts from music, dance and theater to literature, film, fine arts and more in Jakarta, Indonesia. Komunitas Salihara was founded in 2008 by a number of artists, writers, journalists, and art lovers. Amid political instability and economic disparity within the population and conflict between religious and ethnic groups and other issues faced by Indonesian society, The vision of Komunitas Salihara is to create a place where there is respect for differences and diversity and maintaining freedom of thought and expression and to foster and spread artistic and intellectual resources. As a platform for new and experimental arts and expression, Komunitas Salihara engages in a wide variety of programs with a long-term approach in hopes of fostering audiences with critical knowledge.
Built on grounds covering an area of 3,800 sq. m, the Komunitas Salihara complex consists of the black-box Teater Salihara and galleries, facilities for creating works in residence and the like, and each year more than 100 programs are presented there. Most of the programs are made possible through tie-ups with other private-sector organizations and individuals and the international cultural exchange organization of foreign countries, etc. In addition to dance and theater performances, music concerts and exhibitions held throughout the year, there are also literary readings and discussions and various type of workshops and seminars. The Board of Curators, whose members are leading Indonesian experts in the various fields, design the following programs with relatively long-term planning.

• Salihara International Performing Arts Festival (SIPFEST)
This one-month long Salihara Festival presents top performing arts created in Indonesia as well as introducing world-class new international works to the Indonesian audience. This Festival is held every two years,

Staged every year for one-and-a-half months, Salihara Theaterfest is an annual festival with a motto of presenting “new possibilities in Indonesian theater.” By presenting works by several artists or groups each time, the festival seeks to reveal the story-telling power of stage theater.

This is a dance festival presenting the newest works by a number of the best choreographers from Indonesia and abroad. It focuses mainly on contemporary dance pieces with the aim of exploring new innovations that emerge when traditional Indonesian dance is viewed from new perspectives to create new forms of expression that include traditional and contemporary influences.

Besides presenting a wealth of classic and traditional works, this literary festival aims to encourage developments in contemporary Indonesian literature. In addition to experimental projects combining poetry and art, there are discussions, workshops and educational programs such as school visits.

Other festivals organized include the SALIHARA JAZZ BUZZ that gathers first-class jazz musicians and composers and the WORLD MUSIC FORUM, a forum that presents fusions of local and ethnic music and contemporary music. With such variety of programs, Komunitas Salihara is seeking to show society new possibilities in artistic expression and foster critical thought among its audience.