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Feb. 1, 2018
Neilson Foundation 
The Neilson Foundation is a foundation that supports both the arts and charities that play important roles in the encouragement and protection of diversity and social cohesion. The Foundation was established in 2007 by Mr. Kerr Neilson, co-founder of the Australian investment company Platinum Asset Management. The Foundation has distributed over 70 million dollars in grants to based on the decisions of its internal Gifting Committee.
In the field of the arts, the Foundation supports projects and organizations whose activities help improve accessibility to the arts with the aim of enriching the cultural landscape of Sydney and Australia. Among the recipients of the Foundation’s support are the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sydney Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare, Art Gallery New South Wales, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the Queensland Art Gallery, Art Gallery of South Australia and Kaldor Public Art Projects, Sydney Biennale, and White Rabbit with its collection of contemporary Chinese art. In these ways, the Foundation fosters creativity that has a positive influence on society through a rich variety of outstanding artistic activities ranging from classic to contemporary works in theater, music and the fine arts.
The Foundation also assists organizations which support individuals facing extreme disadvantage. The Foundation values programs that offer support to vulnerable youth, migrant populations, and individuals facing domestic violence and mental health issues; and it also provides support for organizations active in the fields of animal and environmental protection, medicine and labor.