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Residency Unlimited (RU)
Residency Unlimited (RU)

360 Court Street #4
Brooklyn, NY 11231 USA
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May. 14, 2018
Residency Unlimited (RU) 
Residency Unlimited (RU) is a non-profit organization that hosts residencies mainly for domestic and foreign artists and curators in the contemporary arts. RU was established in 2009. Housed in a former South Congregational Church in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, epicenter of the contemporary arts market in the U.S. With the cooperation of the specialized RU staff, it offers support in the creation and presentation of works and networking programs.
Using the multifunctional spaces of the church in Carrol Gardens, RU hosts a variety of events and programs including meetings, film screenings, performances and exhibitions. For the resident artists/curators staying in New York City, the highly specialized RU staff offers “customized support” tailored to the purposes of their residency and their long-term goals.
The residency durations are 3 to 6 months for artists and 1 to 2 months for curators, and recipients are support according to the following guidelines.
1. “Pre-residency” Support:
-Reach out to the individuals and organizations in our network whose interests best align with your project;
-Make arrangements for studio visits and other activities that will maximize exposure while in New York;
-Help to find accommodation and, if necessary, a studio space;
-Mobilize research, logistics, and other resources necessary during the residency.
2. A Multifunctional Work, Meeting and Presentation Space:
-Non-studio-based artistic and curatorial projects;
-Discussions, workshops, and other events;
-Public presentations with screenings, talks, performances, and short-term exhibitions.
3. Project support:
-Production: Photography and film, online platforms, exhibitions, etc.;
-Logistics: Sourcing materials, transportation, installation, etc., and other resources as required for creation;
-Research: locating resources, obtaining access to local libraries, museums and archives.
4. Exposure & Networks:
-Support is given to build lasting connections within a vast network of curators, gallerists, critics, artists, and scholars through the support of the Tianaderrah Foundation. Weekly individual studio visits are also organized;
-In addition, you will be part of our programming. Each month RU programs Public events featuring exhibitions, discussions and screenings with new work and findings by our artists and curators-in-residence. These activities are held at our space or at partnering venues.
Applications are always reviewed by a panel of RU staff and affiliates and the selection process ranges from an open call application and panel process to nominations or by invitation. RU has partnerships with over 40 organizations mostly in New York City, such as the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) and the Rockefeller Foundation and many artists and curators are selected for overseas residencies through overseas arts organizations and agencies. As of March 2018, 29 individuals and groups are in residency.
In addition to support for individuals, RU has built strategic partnerships with galleries, art spaces, museums and educational institutions in New York that serve as a central pillar for providing practical support for RU programs.
The RU website serves as an online platform providing free information about residency organizations worldwide, along with application information, etc., and search function.