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May. 14, 2018
DutchCulture, based in Amsterdam, is dedicated to the international promotion and support of the arts, culture and tradition. In addition to conducting its own unique surveys and programs, DutchCulture collects the latest knowledge and information with the cooperation of its many partner organizations involved in cultural exchange, and disseminates this information through their website and via social media. DutchCulture further offers advice based upon their assorted knowledge gathered in this way to arts and culture professionals active internationally as well as to those aspiring to operate in the international arena.
DutchCulture is financed by four-year grants (2017-2020) from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Science and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by the European Commission in its activities pertaining to Europe. DutchCulture further provides educational services on Dutch cultural assets to employees of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, providing advice on the effective usage of Dutch cultural assets in accordance with the needs of various other regions.

Mobility Info Point
DutchCulture provides relevant advice to Netherlands-based artists who wish to collaborate with foreign artists or plan to go abroad with their work and to foreign artists wishing to conduct artistic activities in the Netherlands. In addition to the information provided on their website, their office provides one-on-one consulting and takes inquiries by telephone. They also form part of the network that contributes to the informational performing arts website On The Move, dedicated to promoting the mobility of artists and professionals involved in the arts field.
Information is provided about grants for international activities. In collaboration with On the Move, the guide to institutions in the Netherlands where artists can apply for grants for domestic and overseas activities, the “Cultural Mobility Guide for the Netherlands” is published annually. In addition, information is also posted grants for programs conducted in European countries and exchanges in the traditional arts.
The latest information is provided about DutchCulture-sponsored events such as counseling, lectures and conferences.
DutchCulture operates TransArtists, a source of information about some 1,400 artist-in-residence programs in the Netherlands and abroad. It also operates AiR Platform, a platform that organizes conferences for organizers of artist-in-residence programs based mainly in the Netherlands and Flanders region to exchange information and share participant experiences.
Publications written and edited by specialists in Brazil, China and Turkey containing information about the arts and culture environment and organization and the arts scenes in each country can be downloaded in PDF form. An overview in English of the Dutch organizations that comprise the basic cultural infrastructure of the Netherlands is also available.
DutchCulture invites established overseas-based cultural organizations to the Netherlands, bringing them in touch with local organizations and with the Dutch cultural landscape. Observation tours are also available to introduce visitors to government policy planers, journalists, arts centers and organizations. Through tie-ups with embassies and the consulate general of the Netherlands, candidates for these visits are chosen and with support from the Foreign Ministry grants are given to cover travel expenses (full or partial) to the Netherlands. Applications for the observation tour program can also be made on the website. And a list of other organizations offering similar programs is also posted.