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Art for Justice Fund
Art for Justice Fund

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Nov. 8, 2019
Art for Justice Fund 
The Art for Justice Fund is a charitable organization that was founded in order to confront the issue of mass incarceration in the United States by awarding aid to individuals and organizations which provide education and employment opportunities to those recently released from prison. The organization was funded in 2017 by philanthropist and art collector Agnes Gunt, through the sale of works from her art collection. The Fund’s mission is to donate a total of $100 million in five years and to call on other art collectors to contribute through the sales of their inventories. Grants are managed jointly by the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and the organization has given a total of $32 million to over 60 grantees as of 2019.
As an explicit objective of its grants, the Art for Justice Fund seeks to reduce the prison populations by 20% by the year 2022 in 10-15 states in which mass incarceration is a problem. The Fund further elaborates on its plans to achieve this objective, which includes bringing more visibility to infringements on human rights caused by mass incarceration, raising public awareness on the relationship that exists between mass incarceration and race and the development of a concerned citizenry that works to amend the criminal justice system.
The Fund operates on an invitational basis, with its Advisory Council identifying potential candidates among important organizations and cutting edge programs who are then judged on the merit of their proposals to the Fund.
The Art for Justice Fund awards grants in the following four programs:
- Keeping People Out of Jail and Prison
A grant program aimed at bail reform, increased accountability for prosecutors, and art programs for the prevention of second offenses among youths.
- Shortening Sentences
A grant program for efforts to reform or abolish excessively long incarceration and the surrounding penal codes.
- Promoting Reentry
A grant program which supports reentry programs for those who have served prison sentences and their families.
- Changing Narratives Through Art
A grant for artists who shed light on injustices within the criminal justice system and support their victims.