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World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific (WDA)
World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific (WDA)

The School of Dance, Taipei National University of the Arts
#1, Hsueh-yuan Rd., Peitou, Taipei 112, Taiwan.
Phone: (886)-2-28961000 ext 5320
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May. 8, 2020
World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific (WDA) 
The predecessor organization was the Asia Pacific Dance Alliance founded in Hong Kong in 1988. After the establishment of the World Dance Alliance as an international organization at the Hong Kong International Dance Conference held in 1990, the name was changed to World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific in 1993. Dedicated to spreading awareness and understanding of the increasingly diversifying world of dance expression and contributing to its development, WDA provides information to the alliance members, promotes communication among them and engages in projects that answer the needs of the local dance communities. In addition to the holding of forums and annual meetings, the organization publishes a biannual newsletter in collaboration with Australia’s Ausdance National and Malaysia’s MyDance Alliance (with all editions published since June 1996 posted on the official website). Besides Asia-Pacific, there are branch including WDA-Taiwan, WDA-Americas covering both North and South America, and WDA-Europe (now being re-established), and they are all affiliated. The alliance’s actual programs include the following:

International Young Choreographer Project
This is a residency program run jointly with WDA-Taiwan and the Chinlin Foundation. It is a 3-week program held every other year in Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong) city in Taiwan. An open call is made to WDA members for up-and-coming choreographers and eight are selected for the residency (three from Taiwan, three from Asia-Pacific and one each from WDA Americas and WDA-Europe. The residents are given an artist fee, room and board and a working allowance for materials. For information, contact:

Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship
This is a scholarship for research related to dance open to current graduate students studying in the field of dance or dance specialists who have completed a graduate degree related to dance within the past five years. Published papers are solicited once a year and judged by an international panel of dance scholars and critics who have contributed to the development of the dance field with their ideas and writings. The scholarship was launched in September of 2013.