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Sega Sammy Arts Foundation

Sumitomo Fudosan Osaki Garden Tower,
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Nov. 2, 2020
Sega Sammy Arts Foundation 
Established in March of 2019, the Sega Sammy Arts Foundation is a general incorporated foundation dedicated to contributing to the development of cultural and artistic activities. Its programs focus particularly on the development of contemporary dance and music. The foundation’s programs are focused primarily in the three areas of independent productions, creating a dance base and support for artistic activities, and in April of 2020 the foundation opened a new base for dance named Dance Base Yokohama (commonly called DaBY, pronounced day-bee).

Independent Project Programs
- Performance Planning (creation): Planning and production, etc. of events like the opening performance “Triad Dance Days” for the opening of DaBY
- Inviting Overseas performances: Sponsorship for the NDT performances in Yokohama, support for the ON VIEW: Panorama Project of international collaboration performances with Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, etc.
- Nurturing talent through workshops and seminars. Holding of biannual Dance Lab programs as a platform for “Thinking about dance in Japan.” Lecture and demonstration type seminars with invited dancers and dance professionals aimed at sharing knowledge about issues in Japanese dance, holding discussions and conducting experiments.

Programs to Create a Dance Base
- The DaBY base provides spaces and assistance (residence) for dance work creation, an archive, workshops and support for dancers and artists, etc. The artistic director is Eri Karatsu. Karatsu is also the Senior Producer at the Aichi Arts Center with its large theater facilities. Besides the Aichi theater, DaBY will continue to build working relationships with a variety of facilities and theaters.
- DaBY has established a unique array of departments. They include our “Dance Evangelists” whose role is to build connections between artists and with society at large, and “Legal Advisors” to provide advice to dancers about legal matters and more.
- DaBY also supports and conducts creative activities, holds tryouts and maintains an archive of dance-related information.

Support Programs for Artistic Activities
- Operating with an Associate Choreographer system, we provide various forms of support for artistic activities for selected young artists.
- Support for activities of the “Opto” dance company
- Serving as a special sponsor of the internationally acclaimed “TOKYO JAZZ +plus” event
- Promotion of international exchange with domestic and overseas artists and arts organizations.