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Mar. 10, 2021
Arts Equator 
Arts Equator is a not-for-profit organization (NPO) founded in 2016 by Jenny Daneels, the founder of the Malaysian performing arts information platform Kakiseni, and Kathy Rowland. It was established in Singapore as a platform for statements about and critiques of the arts in Southeast Asia, and it receives operating funding from the National Arts Council (NAC), Singapore.

It serves as an important platform for exchange of opinions about the arts of Southeast Asia, using its website primarily to broadcast information about the full range of arts, from the performing arts, the visual arts and music to literature, movies and more. This includes information about the artistic activities of Southeast Asian artists both inside and outside the region, information primarily for outside artists interested in activities in the region, including articles in English featuring reviews of artworks, interviews, information about events, open calls, job opportunities, etc., as well as podcasts issued about twice a month featuring talks on a variety of subjects. In 2019, Art Equator also held a two-day “Arts Media Roundtable” aimed at creating a network for the arts media, including critics, writers, bloggers and others.

Among the board members of Arts Equator are entrepreneurs involved in the financial and restaurant industries in Malaysia and Singapore, and figures such as Anupama Shekar, who serves as a Director (Culture) for the Asia Europe Foundation.

Main Website Contents

Arts Equator Viewpoints
The Arts Equator website contents include reviews of the works of artists from in and outside the Southeast Asian region, Interviews, festival reports, reports about the arts and cultures scenes of the various countries, and more. In addition to Singapore, where Arts Equator is based, it is also active in compiling reports about countries like Cambodia and Brunei that don’t have developed media covering the arts.

Arts Equator Southeast Radar
By gathering and picking out contents from new websites, blogs and publications, Arts Equator publishes a wide range of statements and information about the Southeast Asian region.

Event Diary
Pages posting information about arts events in the Southeast Asian region. It is possible to record information here from website forums.

The Arts Equator editorial team plays a central role in creating podcasts that introduce new topics from the arts in Asia. Also, broadcast are reports and critiques on festivals and artworks, and things like artist interviews. New editions are broadcast about twice a month.