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4th Toyota Choreography Award 2005 is now open for the competition entry.
  The Toyota Choreography Award was launched in 2001 with sponsorship by Toyota Motor Company in a tie-up with the Setagaya Public Theater in Tokyo for the purpose of discovering and nurturing talented young choreographers to lead the next generation. For this 4th holding of the awards, the deadline for work submissions is January 21, 2005 (applications postmarked on or before this date are accepted). The qualification for applicants is that they have Japanese citizenship or that they reside in Japan or base their activities in Japan and have had their choreographic work performed in Japan in the past. The selection process for the award will begin with the selection of eight finalists by the judging committee from among the general applicants and choreographers recommended by prominent figures in the performing arts around the country. Then, on July 9 and 10 of 2005, a public performance of some of the works of these eight finalists will be held for final judging in a performance series title “Nextage.” From this event will be chosen the recipient of the “New Generation Choreographer Award,” and two “Audience Awards” will be presented on the basis of audience voting.
The leader of the Sankaijuku butoh company, Mr. Ushio Amagatsu, will serve as chairperson of the judging committee, with the four remaining committee members including the stage critic Mr. Hidenaga Otori, the director of the Japan Society's performing arts department, Ms. Yoko Shioya, the Canadian arts consultant, Ms. Diane Boucher and the artistic director of Britain's Dance Umbrella festival, Ms. Val Bourne.
The winner of the Toyota award will receive a prize of two million yen and the opportunity to present a production of their work at either the Setagaya Public Theater or Theater Tram. Also, the winner is eligible for support in the form of one million yen for any overseas performance mounted within two years of the award reception.
A performance of the work Alarm! by last year's Toyota “New Generation Choreographer Award” winner, Ms. Yoko Higashino and her BABY-Q troupe, is scheduled for September 23 at the Theater Tram.
+Past winners of the Toyota “New Generation Choreographer Award”
2004 (191 applicants)
    Work: Alarm!
2003 (209 applicants)
    KURODA, Ikuyo
    Work: Side B
2002 (204 applicants)
    JAREO, Osamu + TERADA, Misako
    Work: It might be sunny tomorrow