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’05 Yokohama Dance Collection R undergoes renewal aimed at creating an Asian dance market. (Jan. 17-Feb. 20, 2005)
  Yokohama Arts Foundation has changed the concept of its annual Yokohama Dance Collection R festival, which since 1996 has been a comprehensive dance festival aimed at discovering and nurturing talented young choreographers. The competition division, which has become known as a gateway to recognition for up-and-coming young artists will change its orientation from 2005 to include “Solo/Duo Competitions Plus” with the aim of becoming a competition capable of welcoming artists on a pan-Asian scale. In addition to the existing Solo and Duo divisions, a new stage performance division has been established and 18 troupes that have passed the preliminary video review selection will perform in the final competition in Yokohama between Jan. 27 and 30, 2005. Because this competition will also serve as the preliminary selection round for the Rencontres Choréraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Deni (former Bagnolet International Choreography Award), the winner will receive the right to compete in next year’s Rencontres in France. The festival’s schedule will also include performances by past winners (Un Yamada, Jung Young-Doo, Maki Morishita, Masako Yasumoto — Jan. 22-23), a “showcase” program (Jan. 22-30) and a Japan-France cooperative production (newly choreographed piece by Veronique Kay based on a novel by author Ryu Murakami — Feb. 18-20), workshops by Lorrina Barrientos and Amanda Miller, symposiums and more. Foreign directors will also be invited. In all, a stay of a week or so in Yokohama will enable visitors to see works by between 20 and 30 up and coming Asian choreographers.
+ An official Yokohama Dance Collection R Website is scheduled to go online in mid-December 2004.
+ Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Deni