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Curtain closes on the Tokyo performances of the Southeast Asian five-country collaboration “Memories of a Legend”
  The Japan Foundation has served as producer for a series of collaborative productions between artists from different Asian nations. Up until now these productions have included “Red Demon”, “Lear” and “The Island In Between.” The latest of these productions to be staged is “Memories of a Legend,” with performances in Tokyo from November 25 to 27.
This was a multimedia production resulting from a collaboration of five directors from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The work saw actors and dancers from the five nations act out the great legend of the first Mogul emperor, Babur, in eight languages on a staged outfitted with three large screens and twelve TV monitors playing film images of Central Asia and computer graphics by the video artist Ein Lall and music by the Indian composer Chandran Veyattummal. After follow-up performances in Kyoto, the production is scheduled to appear early January 2005 in the 7th National School of Drama Theatre Festival in New Delhi, India.