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Curtain closes on 26th Dance Umbrella festival. From Japan, Ikuyo Kuroda’s BATIK company participated for the first time. (Oct. 5 - Nov. 27, 2004 in London, UK)
  Attention focused recently on what has been called “Britain’s the most important dance festival” (The Times), the Dance Umbrella 2004, London’s 26th International Festival of Contemporary Dance (Oct. 5 - Nov. 27, 2004 in London, UK). On Oct. 22, 23, Saburo Teshigawara performed the solo piece “Bones Inpages,” and in their first appearance in the festival, Ikuyo Kuroda’s BATIK company performed the pieces “Side B” and “Shoku solo version.” Organized by Dance Umbrella, this festival was founded in 1978 to encourage the development of contemporary dance in Britain. The art director Val Bourne who founded this festival is well known as one of the boldest and most aggressive producers in the field. Kuroda was chosen to participate in this festival after receiving the “New Generation Choreographer Award” at the 2003 Toyota Choreography Awards. Kuroda’s participation in the festival was decided directly by Ms. Bourne when she saw her performance as a judge at the Toyota Awards. This is an example of a young Japanese choreographer winning a chance to perform overseas by participating in a domestic competition.
The fact that Kuroda had been a resident artist at Britain’s much talked about new contemporary dance base, the Laban Dance Center, became a topic of conversation and the people who aw the performance praised it as a new type of Japanese originality different from butoh. It has also been unofficially decided that Ms. Bourne will be a judge again at the 2005 Toyota Awards.
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