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CINARS 2004 comes to a close. The story of an encounter with circus art. (Nov. 16 - 20, 2004 in Montreal, Canada)
  CINARS 2004 comes to a close. (Nov. 16 - 20, 2004 in Montreal, Canada)
The Commerce International des Arts de la Scene (International Exchange for the Performing Arts) 2004 (CINARS) is widely known as the performing arts market with the largest number of participating countries, The 11th CINARS was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada this year from Nov. 16 to 20. Now in the 20th year since its founding, this year’s CINARS drew more than 1,000 artists, presenters and representatives of the field from 60 countries around the world. Founded originally in 1984 to usher Canadian artists onto the international scene, CINARS has served as a springboard for companies like Cirque du Soleil and La La La Human Steps that are so well known in Japan today.
Besides the many company booths, the market also featured showcases by CINARS selected companies and self-initiated company performances called “Off CINEARS.” At each holding there are also seminars featuring different regions called “Breakfast Workshops,” and this time the highlighted region was Eastern Europe.
This year the biggest focus of attention was the 1st Rencontre Internationale des Arts du Cirque (International Circus Arts Meeting) held in conjunction with the CINARS event as a place to encounter international circus art. Montreal is presently promoting a “Circus Art City Plan” (TOHU), and the Rencontre was held on Nov. 15 and 16 at the new facility now being constructed as the center for this city plan. Also, the “International Festival of the Arts for Young Audience” (Les Coups de Theatre also held in Montreal over a two week schedule beginning on Nov. 15 further added to the cultural activities in the city.
With the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse (FIND) ending its 20-year history last year, this year’s CINARS market clearly suggested that Montreal is seeing a shift from dance to circus as is new cultural claim to fame.
+ Cirque du Soleil is a nonprofit organization created by the province of Quebec in 1996.