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A sixteen-disk DVD series, The Best Selection of Kabuki offering a full lineup of popular Kabuki plays with English commentary, now being released
  The Shochiku Home Video and NHK Software have teamed up to release a selection of the important plays of traditional Japanese Kabuki theater on DVD. Each DVD of this series now being released contains voice commentary throughout in both Japanese and English, making this an important new resource for learning about this traditional Japanese theater genre. Also included in the series is a detailed text in English and Japanese that begins with an introduction to Kabuki, explanations of the famous scenes to look for in each play and an outline of the storylines. All this makes these DVDs an excellent introduction to Kabuki for viewers new to the genre. The actual performances appearing in this series were all acclaimed productions performed at the Tokyo Kabukiza or Shimbashi Embujo theaters.

+ The Best Selection of Kabuki
  1. Kanjincho / 2. Noda version Togitatsu no Utare / 3. Kumagai Jinya / 4. Yoshitsune Senbonzakura / 5. Kouchiyama / 6. Shiranami Gonin Otoko / 7. Fuuinkiri / 8. Iseondo Koi no Netaba / 9. Fujimusume, Yasuna, Sagimusume / 10. Terakoya / 11. Dattan, Ninin Wankyu / 12. Sumidagawa, Hanabusa Shudyakushi / 13. Honchou Nijuusikou, Kennrei Monin / 14. Yamatotakeru / 15. Ippongatana Dohyoiri / 16. Kanjincho (by 7th Koshiro Matsumoto)
The series is also being released simultaneously on video
Price: 4,935 yen each (including tax)
Soundtrack: Original soundtrack with voice commentary in Japanese and English
Format: Region free (Worldwide standard)
© Shochiku Co., Ltd. / NHK Software