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4th Asahi Performing Arts Awards announced. Grand Prix goes to Tamiya Kuriyama’s production of Eugene O’Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra
  The winners of the 4th Asahi Performing Arts Awards (sponsored by the Asahi Newspaper) for outstanding achievement in theater, dance or other performing arts recently announced. The recipient of the Grand Prix was a production of Mourning Becomes Electra by Tokyo’s New National Theater. This masterpiece of psychological drama by Nobel Prize-winning American playwright Eugene O’Neill takes the story from the trilogy of Greek tragedies, The Oresteia, and resets it in modern American society. The award-winning production this time was directed the New National Theater’s Artistic Director, Tamiya Kuriyama, who was highly successful in turning the 4-hour epic into a piece of fast-moving and suspenseful theater entertainment. Other awards for outstanding individual and group achievements went to the progressive playwright Keishi Nagatsuka and the progressive choreographer Ikuyo Kuroda, among others.

+ Grand Prix: Mourning Becomes Electra
  Performing Arts Awards: Ikuyo Kuroda (choreographer, dancer), Yoji Sakate (playwright, director), Keishi Nagatsuka (playwright, director, actor), Hideki Noda (playwright, director, actor), New National Theater Ballet Company
Shuji Terayama Award: Ryohei Kondo (choreographer, dancer)
Matsuyo Akimoto Award: Amon Miyamoto (director)
Special Award: Mitsuko Mori (actress)